18 February 2011

too much...

too much to tell you right now...

i always get silent when the sun's shining. you know this by now. but soon enough, i'll be chilled again and chatty.

so. remind me to tell you about sidra forman and my lacrosse thugs and a little bully that i just nipped in the butt.

{whenever i say nipped in the bud, esmé repeats it to her dolls or her sisters as nipped in the butt. i am a fan of her version. it sounds more aggro. she also pronounces freckles as fruckles, which sounds kind of swearish to me. big fan of swearish these days, too.}

and remind me to tell you about peck peck. it has replaced tazing at our house. do you remember how uncle sugar hates tazing? he thinks that's what killed harry houdini, but we think he's being a small baby. anyway. peck peck is exactly the same as tazing except you get to say peck peck and taze the person twice. and by person, i mean uncle sugar.

hmmm. there is no longer a need for you to remind me to tell you about peck peck. i think i just covered it all.

these legs remind me of summer. i like that reminder. have a sweet weekend, you! xoxo. me.


Simply Mel {Reverie} said...

sorta goes with Gaia's 'fruck' for truck and 'finkle' for twinkle.

don't you just love how these little people make words so much more colorful?

Brandi {not your average ordinary} said...

i actually always thought it was nipped in the butt. seemed appropriate to me.

have a lovely weekend, darling. enjoy that sunshine and warmth while it's around.

And Kathleen said...

I thought it was "nipped in the butt" until last year! I always imagined a puppy biting my butt.