07 February 2011


i'm a daydreamer. you knew this already, though.

and when i'm chilled to my fingertips, i tend to buy unnecessary objects. like this bather.

plus also too much laura mercier in shy pink, deborah lippmann superstar, and this dyson.

it's apparently been a very. chilly. week.

i told uncle sugar it would be cheaper to move me to an island where i wouldn't probably need the dyson. i could leave that guy behind. i could.

it would probably be healthier, too. because when it's chilly, i tend to read laziz hamani too much and then copy his work. one of my favorite laziz hamani books is this one.

see what i'm telling you? get me to a hot island. pronto.

i could probably not leave behind tumblr, though, where are things lovely live. like this new one i just found. awesome girl with awesome style.


goodniteirene.wordpress.com said...

blushing badly...not in the cute ginnifer goodman, you want to be my best friend or take me home to meet mom kind of way...rather the sweaty, meet me in cell block seven with your eyes closed and head down kind of way.

thank you for the love miss karey.

and that desert island better have wifi so we can keep up yer posts.

Anonymous said...

it's cold like that here. and I might be guilty of the same thing. the husband and I have been having "budgeting meetings". my least favorite kind.

kathleen said...

but karey, who is going to actually use the dyson? aren't they still in amman?

karey m. said...

rude, kathleen. very rude.

but you made up for this one and the one above with your call today.

still rude. xoxo.

Mrs.French said...

oooooo...i want all of your chilly-driven prizes...except the dyson, i already have that. :) xo t