03 February 2011

as of this writing...

i've got a student of the month, a spelling bee alternate, and a girlie who just came home from school proudly presenting an amazingly accurate picture of a woman caught in a bear trap. she has piggie-tails.

but here's what i like best about all that...

my student of the month was named as such with one caveat: knock off the unnecessary chatter. i'm a big fan of the side conversation, mom. she tells me. my teacher says you must be a saint. she tells me. i do make some mean jesus-y eggs.

my starry starry night. my lillie kate. waking up the moon with her shimmer.

my spelling bee alternate didn't study and didn't really want me to come because i don't want you to see me fail, mom.

when one of her favorite boys misspelled his word, his eyes teared up with embarrassment and young boy dashed hopes. in a flip second, he looked at grae and she scowled, shook her head, and i think she whispered something like who cares? this is nothing.

whatever she said, it stopped the tears from coming.

silly girl. she could've spelled every word wrong and backwards with her devil of an indian accent and i still wouldn't think fail.

my clear blue sky. my grae-rose.

this afternoon, esmé came out of school with her teacher and i could see that they were having a pretty interesting conversation. apparently, the woman had never seen such a pattern and color explosion on a little girl.

esmé was waving her little hand dismissively. i guess she told her teacher this is all really old. nothing too expensive.

the next time we see each other, ask me about anything i'm wearing. bet you a hundred bucks i wave my hand dismissively and tell you eight dollars. on sale sale sale at barneys. it's insane the traits you pass on, isn't it?

my rainbow and always sunny ten-day forecast. my esmé dahlia.

who cares? this is nothing.

today, i'm in love with my job. can you tell? all stay at home moms from this pinterest pinner.


sunny said...

Your daughter coined a phrase that I had no name for - until now. The side conversation.

I lead small groups of junior high girls at church and the girls all chatter through our hour together.

Yet when I am in a meeting or a small group situation, I chatter on the side of whatever the main conversation is.

Now I know that I am a fan of the side conversation. LOVE it.

Anonymous said...

Your girls sound like fantastic little people. And your stories make me wish to know them for real instead of pretend.

Ana Degenaar said...

May I just say your posts make my day every time. Your girly sounds just lovely!

A-M said...

Oh Karey, my heart just burst for you. A-M xx

Khali @ little. lovely. said...

I just loved reading this post. I hope I raise my children to be as interesting, funny and clever as yours.

Simply Mel {Reverie} said...

three is the number of perfection, and you are one lucky winner!

pilgrim said...

i love that the love for your girls shines through your writing so brightly. its inspiring.

Erin O. said...

Love this. My girl is just now old enough to formulate whole conversations of her own choosing. It is wildly entertaining.

Yes, they do grab onto the random stuff. I had NO IDEA how frequently I use the phrase, "my pleasure" until my girl started using it.

Richie Designs said...

I knew we were kindred spirits. I'm also an 8$ girl. always super sale on some crazy rack in the back of the store.

I see it as a treasure hunt myself.

la la Lovely said...

this is brilliant .... all of it...you're girls, first and foremost and you're words to tell about them. I should like to think like to think I look this stylish as a stay at home mom but no so much!

Brandi {not your average ordinary} said...

you really do have three rays of sunshine. you've done so good, karey. i think you need to write a little manual, so when my time comes i can do just as brilliantly.

Carlyree said...

I love everything about this post!! I adore the way you were able to perfectly capture each of ur girly's personalities with such a simple & adorable anecdote about each. Ur a fabulous writer & mother, & I just thought u should know it. Such a lovely way to capture these precious moments, so well done, so entertaining, yet so heartfelt! I definitely held back tears throughout this one!

So happy to have stumbled upon ur blog. :D


susan said so said...

these posts squeeze my heart, karey!


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