05 January 2011

good morning...

it's no longer morning. and it certainly wasn't good. but all is well now that all is well.

so. i never drink pop. but yesterday i found a flat diet coke from before we left for our holiday in florida - don't judge. i was thirsty. - and i grabbed it. sat at my desk and started to drink it. even though it made me feel guilty-sheepish and a little low-rent.

and then i tipped it. onto my keyboard. all of a sudden, my t and my y no longer worked. turns out, most every word i use includes both.

which is why i found myself standing in front of baby counter boy at geek squad telling him how i never ever not ever drink pop. because i am not a pop drinker. look at my watch, son. does this look like the watch a pop drinker would wear?!

i thought not.

i'm teasing, but you know what i mean, don't you? a pop spilled on your keyboard is so dorm.

anyway. baby counter boy and i got into a fight. i believe i asked him to send out a better geek before we parted ways.

but thanks to some brill advice via twitter, i am now the ashamed owner of a new separate keyboard that i will forever have to carry 'round with my laptop if i ever want to use it again.

i called uncle sugar about all of this, and he said do you know what i would do if that happened to me?

i suggested call some techie to magically bring you a new one?

nah! he answered disgustedly. that would never happen to me. because. i'm. not. a. pop. drinker.


pretty pics from a tumblr recommended to me by my friend the lil bee.


Loui♥ said...

I NEVER ever eat, drink or sleep at my computer....
do little white lies count in the big book of wrongs upstairs just inside those pearly gates?
I think not..
and besides..
I keep a can of canned air right next to my computer for accidents the feline furbabies MIGHT cause when they tend to assist me with my blogging..and sampling of the stuff I neither eat not drink while at the computer..they do have a tendency to sleep on the keyboard..
but that is another story entirely..
warmest sandy hugs..
laughing smiles too..

Brandi said...

i wish i could have told you what to do but i'm not a pop drinker either. ever. can't even tempt me.

i do, however, think that rhinestone-encrusted bra will solve all of your woes. i mean, how could it not?

Simply Mel said...

i did the same thing with iced coffee 3 years ago...my e still sticks! $300 later, the geeks repaired it. A very dirty lesson to learn.

And for days after, all I could hear in my head was my mother saying, "keep food and drink in the kitchen where it belongs!" urgh.

Third Avenue Style said...

Oh man I laughed out loud it this! I am hearing you loud & clear...... Oh and I love being a little "low-rent" it's great for the soul.Thank you for making my day - again.


Callie Grayson said...

I always drink and eat at my computer.... hmm I wonder if that is why my space bar gets stuck and I get huge spaces between my words!
x x

Raleigh-Elizabeth said...

first of all, i have to admit to skipping my bowl of stupid for breakfast. because i failed at breakfast. just ask brandi. she rejected my resolution-to-eat-breakfast example today of a special k cereal bar (which should have been rejected on grounds alone of being disgusting) BUT i DID drink it with anicecold coke. because southerns don't know what POP is. we only know coca-cola (fondly called cocola) and its lesser little sister, diet coke.
dr. pepper exists for the heathens. mountain dew for the rednecks.
and everyone else pays homage to the candlers' saving atlanta with that fabulous drink it's amazing my mother and i aren't completely obese because we go through them like. woah.
also, i should point out, it used to get stuck in my lunchbox in grammar school in the place of a juice box. everyone told my mama they'd stunt my growth. all i have to say to her is that if it did, seriously thank you, because i'm already five-foot-nine and happen to love toweringly high heels.

that being said, usually my keyboard problems are -- uhh -- champagne-based.

clearly those straws will solve that problem.

Relyn said...

Oh that Uncle Sugar. He makes me laugh till milk comes out my nose. Not pop, of course. I'm not a pop drinker.

Shannon said...

My name is Shannon. I drink diet coke. At my computer. This is my third keyboard. I will spare you the number of my repacement mouse. Please don't judge ;)

Richie Designs said...

If I could say that French word I would use it in every sentence. I'm famous for thinking of brilliant quips to say after the fact.

COCOCOZY said...

This chain of events with diet coke sounds like my life story every day...one thing leads to another thing that I have to go back and fix!


pen.ny said...

This was good. And reading that definition made me happier than you'll ever know! I seem to ONLY think of the smart thing to say after the situation. Figures.

Bridget said...

that suuuuuuuuucks. and especially since you never even drink it!

the lil bee said...

Ha, yes...I have most definitely spilled "pop" on my keyboard. We call it D.Coke in my hood and, yep, I drink it! I've also gotten crumbs lodged under individual keys, making typing rather difficult.

Send out a better geek!!