03 January 2011

whinging ahead...

so. mary and i are red-lining our t.ruffle girls' calendar to half-price. this makes me supra sad.

can i tell you and only you that i had dreams of selling no less than seventy-eleventy calendars? not for the money. just so i could walk around and tell people i sold out.

it's kind of similar to how uncle sugar likes those gps navigators because they always tell him he's arrived.

oh! i finished my new business cards! i've got to show them to you. remind me. there may have been too much prosecco involved in the design process. teasing!

there was no design process.

buy a bit of low-calorie sweetness here. mary really kicked it with her photos; you'll seriously smile every month when you stare at them. promise. xoxo!


Brandi said...

you will sell out. and next year, you'll have to print more.
happy 2011, karey. can't wait to meet you in person very soon!

Raleigh-Elizabeth said...

as soon as i get paid, i will buy one. i promise. i covet them, i just didn't get a single present for myself and none of my friends dig old-school calendars (they're all lame)

and i'm with brandi. next year...!

Kimberlee said...

I lurrrvvvveee mine so much. its so pretty - i'll be sad to see each month finish, but i'll be able to frame each month's pic if I get myself super organised, then I can keep them forever! xx