07 January 2011

there was something i wanted to remember...

on christmas eve, we let the girlies three open their sister gifts. it was such a perfect moment, it still hurts my heart.

at one point, esmé stopped, stood in the middle of the room, and honestly squealed.

i feel all tingly inside!

later, uncle sugar told me he was grateful that lillie and grae still believe. or, at least, pretend to believe.

why wouldn't they? i thought. they're my girls. and if nothing else of value, i hope i've taught them that life's so much more fun when you believe in its magic. makes you all tingly inside...and that's never a bad thing, is it?

some of my favorite beliefs are utterly impossible. i love them the most.

not sure from where that ring came, but i've been saving it for a while. plus it reminds me of all the fancy rings my girlies bought me. my fave was probably $7.99. if that. but, man, is it joy 'round my finger! you can see it if you come to alt summit! xoxo and have a sweet weekend, you sweet things!


Callie Grayson said...

I love the magic of Christmas Morning, watching there eyes light up the moment that the carrots are gone since the reindeer ate them all up!!


sfgirlbybay said...

love this post. made me feel tingly on the inside! i wish i were going to see you alt! somewhere else, soon, i hope. :)

Brandi said...

it's important to believe in impossible things -- i think it helps to make them possible. and magic is so very, very important.

mandyface said...

charming post! and i like your rings!!

Melissa de la Fuente said...

Oh, I think they are the luckiest little girls alive to have you as their mama...ya know? Yes. they are. I so wish I was coming to alt....not just to see your ring but, just to bask in your glow & laugh at all of your jokes, so hard that there are tears in my eyes. Gah, so much fun. I am jealous. :) And I know those moments of which you speak, the ones that make your heart hurt with joy. I love those the best.

mrs. darling said...

i love opening sister gifts on christmas eve...my sis and i still do that! and we still get that tingly feeling, i hope it never goes away.

i'm so glad your girls have each other...it's the best, isn't it?!

the lil bee said...

Hold up...is this your hand?! Your photo?! I am obsessed with it! Tell me it's your photo. I will die.