22 November 2010

moving out...

we've had it, uncle sugar and i.

after a weekend of both our oldest and our youngest girlies in our bed, we made a decision. we'd stand up to our five-year babe. we may also have to stop sneaking up on lillie to scare the britches off of her and telling her tales about axe murderers who chop up girlies who don't do their math homework.

mézie, uncle sugar began. you've got your own fluffy bed and your own room. you can't sleep with us anymore, ok?

you guys...it worked. no drama, no tears, no nothing! minus the axe murderer thing? we're awesome parents!

that little thing nodded her head once, as though she was resigned to the fact that we meant business. this time. and she crawled out of our bed and walked all straight-backed proud to her room.

and returned thirty seconds later. with her toothbrush and special toothpaste.

i think it's better if i put my toothbrush in our bathroom, she said as she passed by her awesome parents.

our. bathroom.


i am in love with the steward. more in love with the girlies three, with whom i will be spending the week. lazy posting ahead! xoxo. oh! and just so there's no confusion...the little enemy is still sleeping with us. she just moved in harder with the addition of her toothbrush.


Melissa de la Fuente said...

Oh...do I know what you mean. Oy! So she just went in there just like that?! Wow...but, still the toothbrush in "our" bathroom, eh? *sigh* Chooch would call Joel's and my room "our room" or "daddy's room" and I would say fervently "It's MY room too, ya know! " :)

karey m. said...

oh, melis...no.

she didn't move out. she moved harder IN!

HER TOOTHBRUSH?! gahhhh! we'll never get rid of her NOW!

go. to. alt.

Richie Designs said...

well one step in and one step out. At least you won't get kicked in the head?

Simply Mel said...

So it's okay the crumb still resides in OUR bed? We love her littleness there and never wish to 'push' ~ so I can breath a big sigh knowing we have 2 more years until the High 5 goodbye....

Amie aka MammaLoves said...

Do you guys consult?

I haven't had a night without someone's knee in my side for YEARS!!!

We're in town all week. You? Maybe a firepit one night with the families?

c.bean said...

we have the same thing happening here... our baby bird doesn't want to leave the "night-night nest".

we talk about it, make plans and promises... but there's always a weak link. like oldest sister talking her out of it because she can't stand the thought of littlest growing up.

someday she'll not want anything to do with us...right? that seems to be all I've got at this point.

good luck!

the lil bee said...

Oh, I just want to scoop her up! So sweet. {And congrats...hope you get a good sleep tonight, you two!}

Styles 'n Cream said...

I just found your blog and I love reading yoru posts. My two kids (5 and 2) are still sleeping in our bed and they just don't want to leave. So, you are a very lucky parent to have had such an easy transition. Enjoy the good night sleep!