27 November 2010

making stuff...

it's been such a sweet week that i forgot to wish you a happy thanksgiving.

don't feel too badly; i didn't even call my mom. {i. know.}

it's just that we've been eating each other up over here. doing nothing everything. and today? today, i made marshmallows.

you don't know the back story on that, and now's certainly not the season to tell it. but once upon a time, my homemade marshmallows meant...happiness. but way better than that.

i haven't made them since. until about one hour ago. and i had to tell someone.

sometimes, do you ever whisper to yourself i'm having such a fun little life! i do, too. but then i worry about karma or voodoo or something equally insane, so i always add the disclaimer ...this week!

just in case it all flies into hell in that handbasket. it's been known to happen, you know.

those are not my marshmallows. i found them here and here. and here's the recipe i tried today because i couldn't find my old one. i don't even care how it tastes. xoxo.


Callie Grayson said...

mmm, I so love homemade marshmallows! I may just have to make some this next weekend!

JAMIE said...

I want to come over and enjoy some of those homemade marshmallows with you all! That would be a sweet sweet treat! xo

Melissa de la Fuente said...

This may just be my most favorite post ever....and yes, I know exactly what you mean & I whisper " I am so lucky..." all the time. But, real quiet like...so the fates don't think I need to be taught a lesson..:) I am so happy you are happy darling. We were eating each other up over here too...

Relyn said...

I can feel your giddy happiness, your excitement in this post. I love it. It makes me giggle.

Mónica said...

Estos postres se ven riquísimos!

rebecca said...

never made homemade marshmallows. they look cute as can be.