19 November 2010


i'm knee-deep in a few deadlines, and my eyes are absolutely cashed.

i tried to help grae with her spelling words this morning - as well as east coast geography - and i blamed my dumb on blurry eyes.

oh, what? montpelier is not the capital of maine? yeah yeah yeah. now i remember. vermont. bangor is maine. yeah yeah yeah. i meant augusta. sorry! my eyes are all blurred up.

and then i popped into middle school with esmé in tow, and someone had the nerve to say that OUR. HAIRCHOPS. LOOKED. THE. SAME.

ok. the woman was trying to compliment us, which didn't warrant my aghast face. nor my aghast blurt DOES MY HAIR LOOK LIKE THAT?! SHE CUTS HER OWN HAIR WITH CRAFT SCISSORS!

{blink. blink.}

so i'm planning not-so-much for this weekend. just to round out a perfectly tragic trifecta of a geographically-dopey, mangled messed-out hairchopped karey m. with the addition of shiftless.


sweetest pair from telecommunication. in other news, i want a perm so my hair could look like this. yes?


Brandi said...

this mother-daughter pair is adorable. i particularly like how the little one is posing for the camera. such smart attitude and confidence.

don't fret about state capitols. honestly, i'm not even sure why we have to memorize such things -- i didn't even know the real point of a state capitol until years later. we should have classes like "how to change the world" rather than memorize such things.

happy weekend, karey. may it be a relaxing one!

Richie Designs said...

lets get matching perms. I've been obsessed with having that sort of hair for years.

though if we bought wigs I'm sure everyone would understand.


Callie Grayson said...

awesome mum and daughter photo! that little girls boots are rocking.

lol "craft scissors" heehhee
have a wonderful weekend!!

Relyn said...

You crack me up - always. Wish I could have seen the look on the other mother's face just after your blurt. Never mind. I can just picture it.

Melissa de la Fuente said...

These gals are adorable and YOU are adorable...you never fail to make me laugh and want to give you a giant HUG! ( because you make me happy not because I think you necessarily need one....)

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