16 November 2010

about last night...

so i was chatting with joslyn {all the best stories begin like this}, when all hell busted out of its handbasket.

the doorbell rang. esmé ran for it. lillie was faster. because she is twelve. she should've known better. because she is twelve.

there may have been a buttface from my youngest girlie three, and a priceless from my joslyn.

then, after everyone was calmed, my grae girl initiated small talk. this is the natural progression in our home after tears; there's the initial ENOUGH!, then sniffles and hugs, about thirty-two seconds of silence, and then small talk to officially break the drama.

grae is the master of small talk. so is lillie. but do not - i repeat, do not - reply to esmé's small talk or you're stuck for hours talking about why god invented stuffy noses and whether he has a pony or a dog. or both. and do you think he's allergic to cats? does he have to brush his teeth every night? does he have a best friend?

for the record, uncle sugar told her he went to high school with god and santa and that guy from the allstate commercials. they were all in algebra together. they still keep in touch.

so grae's small talk? wouldn't it be horrible if we had a deaf grandpa?

umm. that's what we like to call, in the small-talk business, an ender.

there was more to this day that i hated, like my baby's banged-up head, a lost race, a cold, candy wrappers, bills, and a pressing deadline. yep...that was the sort of day i had. with my forehead all crinkled up. and it ended with esmé asking for help finding her giant farm puzzle.

i threw it away, remember?

why would you throw it away?

because it was broken, remember?

she looked at me as though i was insane. and wasteful. honestly? it was the wasteful that got to me most.

but that's the way with puzzles. they break, and then you put them back together.

oh. exactly.

it would be easy for me to throw away yesterday. just erase the day, as my mom likes to say. but, in the end, i kind of like how my girlies three know how to put it all back together.

can you tell i'm cuh-raving old-school quality today? all from apostrophe...9, found via cayenne kisses. how into picasso are you? me, very. and how into hot tumblrs are you? me, very. xoxo.


Raleigh-Elizabeth said...

i love it when i've had an awful, drama-llama filled night and you bring forth an awesome post and turn it all into a non-shitty (although rainy and bleak, what is with this weather, east coast?!?) (pardon my french there too), brightly-lit-through-the-gloom morning.

this one made me laugh, and you know i geek out over pretty pictures. you should just rename your blog "incandescence 101" since it's essentially what is anyway.

mommaginger said...

I took the 5 minutes my kid's in time-out to come check up on your blog and i was sitting at my kitchen table LAUGHING out loud (yeah...for real lol). The algebra & deaf grandpa really got me going. Thanks for the great post to bring some sunshine on this blustery day (it's blustery here...)!

Brandi said...

just perfect, karey. it's nice to have those people in your life that help you put a broken day together. what magical glue or duct tape there is in a huge just amazes me.

figsandfeathers said...

i loved reading this! can't wait to have kid stories of my own:) and i LOVE my calendar. genius:)

Joslyn said...

i have to say i kinda loved being privy to the meltdown...felt just like the norm at my house.

i was comforted ;-)

leigh said...

pst... please tell me that t.ruffle girls is living somewhere? the link is no longer working... and it's making me terribly sad....

the lil bee said...

OMG I love this. I love this! It's just so perfect in every way:)

Also, I'm pouting and stamping a foot that I won't be at alt.

Relyn said...

You crack me up. I bet your house is the best kind of madhouse.

Melissa de la Fuente said...

Oy, do I know those days...and it is magical how they can pull it all back together. So sorry you had such an awful day. Have I mentioned that I think you are amazing? Oh, and don't forget "effervescent"...yes, you still are. So there.

Art Wall Katie said...

My gosh you make me laugh hard. Love. BTW, totally off the subject but just reading your sweet girls' names reminded me of your "bebe french" post which I have visited an embarrassing number of times. Any chance you will ever chat up boys names? Would love, love...I've got one baking right now :)

Relyn said...

It's Thanksgiving day and we are all piled up watching the parade. So, I have the perfect time to drop by and visit friends. I wanted to tell you that one the things I am thankful for today is blogging and the way it has made my world so much bigger. Thank you for the friendship, the wisdom, and the inspiration I have found here. Happy Thanksgiving to you, Uncle Sugar, and the girlies three. Happy Thanksgiving!