12 October 2010


we had a sitter called meow last night.

that name made me wish i had one more mackin girlie to name.

she was sweetheart thai, and reminded the girlies three of a housemaid they had somewhere along the way. instant love.

when we first moved back to the states, grae thought and thought about our new life. one day, after a month or two of watching, she decided that having a housemaid was not a good thing. that people should be responsible for themselves and their messes.

of course, you know that lillie and i looked at her like she'd lost her ever-loving mind.

when uncle sugar and i left last night, i saw grae gather up her dolly medical kit and announce to meow, ok. you're dying. i'm going to be your doctor. open up.

people should be responsible for themselves and their messes, but it's also a treat to have someone every once in a while who's fully committed to saying yes to every one of your questionable whims.

i would probably say yes more to questionable whims if i were paid meow's wages, wouldn't you?

do you yay!everyday? that first pic looks like the girlies three when we came home last night. and the second just sends me to the moon with its elegance, yes? love it.

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