08 October 2010

costume {or just plain old bad} idea...

i am all about the esmé dahlia these days, aren't i? my apologies. that girlie is all-consuming to me.

she's experiencing a mean blend of allergies and cold symptoms plus one aggro cough. the little area under her nose has suffered the most.

i told her she looks like she has a moustache, and she just giggled, waved me off, and said well, at least i don't have a beard!

very true. thankful she did not inherit her father's ability to grow a respectable beard in less than ten minutes.

speaking of uncle sugar, he thinks we can color it in black and she can dress up as hitler for halloween.


there's nothing else to tell you except happy weekend! and that this necklace makes me happy, even though i do not like necklaces. they choke the life out of me. but they look like dahlias, don't they? spotted first on my crack-site {pinterest} but originally on greedy girl and design mom...two more of my crack-sites. i'm sure they'll be pleased to know this. ugh.


Melissa de la Fuente said...

AH HA HA HA! Oh Karey...you kill me.
{crickets} ha! You have made me smile on a day which is already proving to suck ass. Hey, but it IS a day & the sun is shining & I am alive so, I will take it! :)
So sorry little Esme is having a stinky time of it...this necklace might cheer you both & you could share it. :) Pinterest is my crack too so, you are so not alone. As you already know.

Shannon said...

ooohh my avery grace is fighting some allergies herself. I had to replenish my box of driving kleenex, and I wonder if this new maryland law of driving while distracted includes reaching back with said kleenex to wipe away a sneeze of a wee one who is just staring at me mouth half open wondering where the heck this came from.
The necklace...are you kidding me, they are so tasty I want to touch my tongue to the flower see if they are sugar...I know, I know ***crickets***