07 October 2010

this little piggie...

i think esmé is rather sensitive.

this shocks me to no end, because i don't know where the heck she found this trait. although...uncle sugar does get a little weepy when he watches undercover boss. hmmm.

the other day, she asked me how pigs die. i replied that i wasn't exactly sure of the hows. i am, however, all about the whys: bacon is delicious.

she raised her little arms and shouted thank you, piggies, for turning yourselves into great bacon! but i could see through her glee that it really bothered her, especially when she thought about it in terms of mommy pigs and their babes.

just before she turned five, she started crying one night before bed because she never got to give my sister lin a hug before she died. i said but you did! you did! she was the first one to hold you, even!

not a four-year old hug, she protested through her sobs. she would've really liked that.

yes. she would've really liked that. for as wild and as devil-may-care as she was, my sister's heart broke pretty much every seven seconds. it's why she never had babies. she couldn't bear the thought of someone someday being mean or cruel or even just a tad thoughtless with her child. or, for that matter, mine or yours. the very thought of it made her cry a little.

huh. and so now i guess i've finally realized where esmé found this trait.

teaching literacy. ever since she was a little girl, words have danced through her head and in her heart. just one of the things i'm trying to do over here with these girlies three. have a sweet day, you.


Richie Designs said...

Chris and I always say we've got the same amount of weirdness that it works. Although now that I think about it we're more than likely to call it geekness.

He's a super geek, I'm just behind him and together we like to take a lot of naps because we can.

I agree thank you piggies for deliciousness!

kirstyb said...

ahhhhh love this post x

jules @ The Diversion Project said...

4 yr old hugs are some of the best.

i snorted at under cover boss, that's a flipping riot!

megan said...

this is such a sweet post. xoxo to you and esme.

Melissa de la Fuente said...

god I love this. you are making my day today. Which is no small feat. I adore every word. that girlie of yours. you. those two visual snippets up there and your sis.

mommaginger said...

Our kid's a spaz, and we were trying to think of where the heck he got it from. Then we realized our combination of spazness could have created non other than that blessed child, so that weird quote runs right up our alley.

Elizabeth @claritychaos said...

just scrolling through your blog because I haven't been here in a while, and you are slaying me. Your girl Esme sounds like my Owen.

And I love the weirdness quote.