07 September 2010

that mom...

my sweetheart shorties are off to school for their first days.

lillie looked so small, drowning in all her grade six accoutrement. my grae-girl, on the other hand, looked so strong and ready for fifth.

her stride is smack exact like uncle sugar's. they both lean into it. i remember when i used to pick up pat from the airport, ages ago and long before he hired cars. i could see him coming a mile away. everyone else seemed...unhurried. straight up. approachable, even.

but my uncle sugar? always looks like he has somewhere he needs to be and it. is. not. here. it. is. there. grae looked just like that this morning.

i filled out her get-to-know-you form for her teacher. i'm sure it will also allow her teacher to get-to-know-me. read, insane.

the word i used to best describe my grae? sunshine. what does my grae like to do best? win and laugh. but mostly win.

but here's the real kick in the pants. her new teacher asked how she could best help my child this year. i replied that - and i embarrassingly quote - i would very much like it if grae left her classroom every day feeling remarkable.

i am officially that mom. ugh.

on a few deadlines this week, but i'll definitely be over at the sweeterie. have you been gobbling up all of our guest photographers? me, too. and will you keep sending in photos? say yes. it's a lot of fun. for me, at least! xoxo and have a sweet day, you. oh! and these cakes looked nothing like the two we devoured on lill's birthday. not even close. but i'd bet you a hundred anythings that lillie would disagree. maggie austin cake spotted on designer's block, my always and forever fave sight.


jules @ The Diversion Project said...

school's back huh? i love what you told the teacher.

i had a teacher convo today too but it resolved more around, i really believe him when he say's he's lost it. i have the clothing bill to prove he means it : )

love brandi's photo in the shoppe today, looks awesome.jxx

{t}ruffle said...

yes, jules! it is awesome.

now. where's your contribution?

mary and i are waiting. xoxo.

barchbo said...

"i would very much like it if grae left her classroom every day feeling remarkable."

As a teacher, I would say, "Done deal! As long as she leaves home every day feeling remarkable!" :)

I think all of us could use a little nudge to help those around feel remarkable and special as much as possible. Wouldn't the world be a lovely place if we all focused on building each other up?!

Happy Tuesday and Back to School! XOXO

Heather said...

i love your honesty!!

and your insanity... :-)

vera kate said...

that mom is the best kind.

Sue (Someone's Mom) said...

I think that was the perfect answer!

I loved watching my children turn into people...so fun, so interesting and sometimes a bit unnerving!

Brandi said...

i think that mom is the kind of mom to be. i'd love to see every kid walk out of school feeling remarkable. sigh, days like this i think i should be a teacher.

Leslie said...

My husband has a special, makes my heart melt, walk too-- like a colt. He has super long legs that he moves by picking up his knees higher than the rest of us uncoltish people. His pace is relaxed and easy-going, like him. I love the idea of seeing it replicated in our future replications. :)

PS: You inspired me--



erin / dfm said...

you are the best mom in the world. :) and i miss you. and love you!

shawna said...

I am a teacher and I want my students to leave my class feeling remarkable EVERYDAY...we would be a perfect match :)

Third Avenue Style said...

Oh i so wish Grae's teacher would read your blog & let us know if she did indeed read insane. I laughed out loud when i read that - I love it when that happens.


Jaclyn said...

someday I hope I become that mom...great blog i just found here!

Robin said...

So funny! I just filled out one of those forms for my 7 year old, I tried to avoid saying those things that made me look like "that mom" but, I'm pretty sure i still did look like "that mom" just not quite as amusing as you:)

Joslyn said...

first and foremost happy belated b-day to lillie. hope her day was splendid...that photo below is amazing.

+ i am so glad you are that mom...we need more of them (but only if they are like you).

"i would very much like it if grae left her classroom every day feeling remarkable."

stealing that.


Kristin said...

...and I want to be a mom just like you. ;)

Melissa de la Fuente said...

god you are awesome. Seriously, even on your worst days you must give yourself that...awesome. To write that; "....left her classroom every day feeling remarkable" I adore that, and you. Awesome. My girlies are both officially back in school today and the house is too quiet.