02 September 2010

the first september girlie...

today my lillie katie is twelve.

you should see her chandelier smile. her gratitude and joy are just slicing my heart to bits. maybe even more painful is the number of years she's been ours. ugh. i've been all weepy since last night when she opened just one present, mom? please? please? please? just one?

i always tell her how i remember every moment of her life. every single moment. i mean, she's my first. and grae came when lillie was just one year fresh, so grae's beginning was a little fuzzier. i was preoccupied with my lillie, you see.

and that's never ceased. not really.

the other day, we were all on a family hike. lillie was up ahead juggling coco and an itouch and she turned around and smiled and i swear that smile made uncle sugar and me both feel taller. i thought he was thinking what a little brown bear she is - just like him - and how her smile lights up the sky, day or night, just like i tell him that his does.

she has your cute walk, he said.

{gasp!} i have her cute walk!

i wish i could write something really profound. the kind of words that make you understand that this girl is not just supposed to be important to me. that she's supposed to mean the world...to the world.

no such luck. i just keep coming back to what i tell her whenever i remember to tell her...

lillie? i'm so glad we made you.

photos that make me smile every time i see them by amie adams.


krista said...

these little letters you've strung together here? that is what love looks like when you lay them all out in a row.
happy twelve.

kathleen said...

i don't think you need to come up with any words. the pictures say it all.

ok, that's two nice things from me today. i might be tapped out. xxx

Brandi said...

happy birthday to your lovely lillie katie. i know i'm not ready for kids quite yet, some days i'm not sure if i'll ever be, and then i read what you write and i know i want to have some little ones of my own someday.

la la Lovely said...

12 is such a big birthday!!!! Happy Birthday to you're sweet Lillie Katie... gorgeous pictures and I just know she is gorgeous inside and out! And good job to you for being a mommy for 12 years!!!!!
xo Trina

Sue (Someone's Mom) said...

I felt the same way about my daughter at 12. She is turning 26 next week and nothing has changed! Your pictures are wonderful.

Amie aka MammaLoves said...

Oh this girl!

She and her sisters made my camera do magic. Her spirit, her smile.

I wish I could photograph her every day.

You made good mama!!

Jill said...

love love. so stinkin' sweet. happy birthday little lady.

A-M said...

So, so precious. You are the best Mum. Big statement. But true. Happy Birthday to your Lillie. A-M xx

Melissa de la Fuente said...

um...yes you did. You did write something profound my friend & now I am all choked up on my couch. Cause I know exactly what you mean & how they grab your heart and never let go. Happy birthday Lillie! I hope it is a beautiful one!

susan said so said...

Thank you for sharing this lovely girl. Do tell her we all wish her a very happy birthday, and that we're all so glad you made her!


essie said...

12 is magic...you couldn't have said it any sweeter if you tried!
-this is a beautiful post-
happy birthday hugs
from heidelberg!

please sir said...

What a lovely post for her to read from now and in the future. She is so lucky to have a great Mama like you!

Relyn said...

Oh, happy birthday to sweet Lillie Kate of the chandelier smile. Just like your Momma's, it is.