09 September 2010

black eyes and butch...

uncle sugar and i were chatting last night about the sort of restaurant he'd love to open. one seating a night with the menu based on his groceries and garden yield every morning.

i love it when solid people have sky-scraper dreams.

for two days in a row, i've seen littles head out of school, take one look at the never-ending line of buses, and burst into tears. a sweet blondie all in red plopped down near me yesterday while we waited for lill. her cheeks matched her outfit and she was breathing so damn hard, trying to keep it together even though she knew she'd already lost it.

let me help you, i said.

no. no. no. no. she was full-on panic. i'm done. i'm done. i'm done. i'm done.

exactly. i mean, how many times have you found yourself somewhere you did not want to be, forced to do something you do not want to do.

but there you are.

so anyway. pat was telling me about all these women at work with black eyes. what is the deal? he asked me. have you ever seen more than one person with a black eye? because yesterday, i saw three! and they were all old ladies!

i suggested they might all be in fight club.

i'm way late with butch bakery, but mad in love with the concept. here's the badass manifesto: our objective is simple. we're men. men who like cupcakes. not the frilly pink-frosted sprinkles-and-unicorns kind of cupcakes. we make manly cupcakes. for manly men.


Brandi said...

can i have a job as the pastry chef in uncle sugar's restaurant? it's exactly what i've been dreaming of doing too.

jules @ The Diversion Project said...

manly cupcakes, for manly men.

now that has just made my day!

la la Lovely said...

i cannot believe that... black eyes?? Hmm...maybe they are part of the Jane Austen Fight Club? maybe? you will like.. watch....


Raleigh-Elizabeth said...

I will obviously be buying a box of these camo-colored cupcakes for my mostly Marine. And perhaps some of his Marine Corps Friends. Big, manly cupcakes for big, manly marines. Who happen to love things like orange cream and chocolate chiffon. Despite being big and manly and Mariney.

Brooke said...

"I love it when solid people have sky-scraper dreams." I think this may stick with me forever and ever. I am about to act on one of my sky-scraper dreams and I couldn't be more excited/ready to puke. thanks for your lovely words. they are always such a pleasure to take in.

karey m. said...

brandi...yes. you are hired.

jules...i KNEW you'd love.

la la la trina...oh. my. god. i'm showing this to pat!

r-a...they will be perfect for the boy!

and brooke. honored my silly words seemed not-so-silly to you. and in the words of one of my favorite friends - erin from design for mankind? DO IT!

xoxo, all!

krista said...

i love the way you infuse your light with dark. at least for me, there was so very much in the woman in red and the black-eyed ladies. so much left unsaid that it hit me square in the eye. we're all a bit of a manly cupcake some days, aren't we?

karey m. said...

oh, krista. yes. and thank you for noticing.

i'm pitching a book to chronicle about your comments alone. ha. xoox.

k a t y said...

I'm not at all solid, but still. I've always wanted a restaurant with one evening seating. Except I wouldn't cook. Unless I wanted to. I'd just play the harp. This dream has been with me ever since I spent a summer on Nantucket and ate at a restaurant just like it. Tell Pat I'll play the part of minstrel.

Love the camo and the herringbone. Genius.

Di Overton said...

I don't care if they are manly or feminine I just want to eat them. Hope you and yours are fit and well

Rachel Swan said...

my dad is a chef + loves what he does. dudes love dudes who cook, you know. after all of his events my dad's kitchen is packed with guys telling naughty jokes + laughing too loud. Some of my favorite (and most educational! yeeps!) childhood memories come from hiding behind the wall + listening to the comforting sounds that can only come from doing what you love for the people you love.

Tell Uncle Sugar to go for it. Or not. Sometimes it's fun just to keep dreaming.

karey m. said...

katy. you should NOT quit your day job. i'm serious. the stuff you make is crazy brilliant!

di. i am digging your new site and projects. always a marvel to me, you are. xo

and rachel. nicest thing i've read in so long. dudes DO love dudes who cook! and i got the same education hiding behind my grandpa and his buddies. priceless. for some weird reason, this comment just makes me all sorts of happy and hopeful. thanks for that.

Melissa de la Fuente said...

um...how did I not know there were posts over here? Have I really become that complacent? :) I adore your words...and you. Off to read the post below and perhaps go over to the truffles shop to gaze at chooch & your words.