13 September 2010


lillie woke up an impossibly sleepy esmé surprisingly swift. she simply told her it was her fifth birthday.

it is not her fifth birthday.

uncle sugar called on his way in to work and asked does the coffee taste funny to you? like, sudsy?

why, no. not to me. in related news, it is apparently flawed science that strong coffee will overpower and magically negate all else. like, say...two squirts of soap and a half-arsed rinse. by me.

i've been giggling all morning. this is life, isn't it? these goofy little moments? nonsense, really, if you think about it. but today they've felt like little kisses.

ok, you. have a sweet monday. i'm off to bake a fake birthday cake for the mémé.

check that. no cake for her. because i just followed a fresh trail of shaving cream from the bath to the linen closet. where at least eight fat white towels are covered in blue gel. esmé claims to know nothing about this. in a strange twist, she now smells like tough beard mint.

not a fan of overalls or necklaces. imogene + willie makes me rethink that statement, yes? scroll through their lookbook to that willie's motorcycle white thermal tee. love? me, too. i'd like to snag it for a fall layer.


Melissa de la Fuente said...

giggling all morning...yes, this is life. And I adore & treasure those goofy little moments more than any other. So happy you are having a morning like that...well, until you came across the blue gelled towels. Maybe you will need some cake at the end of the day? :)

The Lil Bee said...

I LOVE HER!! Love love love. She is such a cutie pie, and so is that sneaky one, Lil. BTW, guess what I'm having? I found out over the weekend. I'm not going to spill it in the comment section...come on now! Check my post today...hehe!

Sue (Someone's Mom) said...

Life is all those little moments. I wish I'd had a blog to document my children growing up!

Simply Mel said...

Can esme come and play with the crumb? They would be grand little playmates...and the magic that would ensue makes me giddy!

krista said...

'tough beard mint' is going to be my new nom de guerre.

la la Lovely said...

It must have been some kind of soapy day. I made a whole pot of steel cut oatmeal for the kiddies and I kept seeing bubbles errupt as it boiled. One taste and it was surely soap. Sometimes rinsing just takes too long I suppose.
xoxo trina

Well Nice Chels said...

too cute, this made me super smiley tonight.

Jill said...

love your girlies three. they made me laugh today. on a day i just wasn't ready to face. x

Rachel Swan said...

we recently had the ever important 'shaving cream is NOT THE SAME AS WHIPPING CREAM' lesson at our house. the dramatic screeching, spitting, and rolling about that ensued after that little life lesson was priceless.

that birthday trick is so heartbreaking-ly perfect. it still has me in giggles!

susan said so said...

A half-arsed rinse followed by very strong coffee isn't sufficient to kill the taste of vinegar, either. Oh, and if you use real milk or cream in said vinegar-tinged coffee? It curdles before your very eyes. Not a good way to start a morning, if I do say so myself. (and I do...)