14 September 2010


yesterday, esmé and i fed goldfish to our neighborhood fish. the turtles are partial to cheetos, if you're at all interested. i'm thinking you are not.

barbaric cannibal concerns aside, it's always a really relaxing chatty time for the two of us. until. all of a crazy sudden, this wacko-awkward silvery-gray giant of a stick-legged pointy-beaked bird thing swooped in. it was scowling.

i think i'm not a nature girl. i know, i know...but, karey! you grew up on a farm! yes. but i had allergies. i never went outside.

that's not really my point here, if we're optimistically hoping to reach one anytime soon. my point is that down and dirty back-to-my-roots is not my bag. i prefer high-end outdoor experiences. think four seasons forest.

and that disappoints me a little.

also. i'd like not to be the only one in my family who didn't know that mad bird was a heron. or a harry, as mémé calls 'em. as uninterested as i am in those sorts of details, a part of me would like to be that girl in fall fryes and an offhanded burberry, pointing upwards and saying something like look! a ruby-throated hummingbird in that red osier dogwood! oh, where's my camera?!

as it stands now, though, i'm the one traipsing through our woods counting crows and asking my almost-five esmé does this look like poison ivy?

ask me anything about resin bangles. i've got that down. you should remind me to show you the one uncle sugar bought me. i wear it every weekend, whether appropriate or not. cara croninger is cool, isn't she? xo.


Richie Designs said...

did I ever tell you my dad [and grandpa] were farmers? they were...alfalfa mostly. I grew up partly on the farm partly in the city with my mom. I was deathly allergic to everything that surrounded my dad's house. {sigh}

even if I wasn't allergic I was an inside kid. Mom punished me by sending me out, my little brother had to come in. go figure.

I am so down with Four Season Forest. As long as there's a fluffy robe to go with the fluffy bed and the warm shower I'm all about camping.

Brandi said...

i wouldn't worry too much about not quite being a nature girl. the world needs all types. i will confess, i want to be one too, but the littlest bit of dirt under my nails sends me into the kitchen for a good, long handwashing. and somehow, i don't think wearing rubber gloves outdoors would look normal.

Sue (Someone's Mom) said...

I love nature...as long as I can watch it from the air-conditioned house. I thought these were vases...not bangles, pretty!

Melissa de la Fuente said...

ha ha ho ho....ahhh...you kill me darlin! And I am SO SO with you! I have always told friends, who want us to go camping with them, that we will be at the 4 seasons down the road and will meet them for breakfast. :) So, your "four seasons forest" kills me & is perfect for me! Um...and I am reminding you now, I want. to. see. the.bangle. Photos please! :)

ginger said...

We just moved into a place that is populated with 45 people within a 100 mile radius (not an exaggeration, and very tragic...), which has forced me to start doing things like learning about birds with my boy (which was never interesting to me...) just for something to do. I'm glad I share this un-knowing of nature with someone...