24 September 2010


i am in a mood, i'm afraid.

i think i just bought a very bad hairchop. i can't be sure of this until i find some brave to look in the mirror. but i do know that i whimpered at the salon. admittedly this petite sob escaped while my stylist was using a round brush, but still. and p.s. who. still. uses. a. round. brush.

my espressos aren't working. all eight of them. and i ate two strawberry chobanis lickety-split too-fast to enjoy either one of them.

i just got off the phone with uncle sugar. i imitated an individual we saw on an episode of hoarders so well that it made him guffaw. i like making that boy laugh when he least expects it, so that's a good.

but i'm going to have to leave the house again in a few minutes. and there are about thirty-four stinkbugs poised to attack as soon as i open the door. i am not a fan of bugs that crunch when you kill them.

when the stinkbugs came out last year? i vacuumed them all up. no crunching involved at all. but then a few days and many unnecessary girlie baths later, i learned why they are called stinkbugs in the first place.

would you believe me if i offered you a wobbly smile and a half-hearted singsong have a sweet weekend, you! yeah. i wouldn't, either. i am being small, aren't i?

ahh well. i'm off to have a moment. and another espresso. catch you later, friends. xoxo.

loving artpixie.


Anonymous said...

hope the ninth espresso does the trick! ;)

happy weekend

Raleigh-Elizabeth said...

if it makes you feel better, they ruined a whole crop of our tomatoes and are now covering my mother's office window.

we don't do these stink bugs in alabama.

baltimore has provided many unpleasant, smelly surprises. in the form of those little daggers.

someone once turned my hair green. at an aveda salon. and charged me for it. i use this as my barometer for bad lately.

and your hairchop CAN'T be bad when we talk in those terms. and truly, it's never your hair that makes you pretty, it's always you. so, since that part hasn't changed, it's just hair. and you know what? only really awesome people can pull of a lousy hairchop. and on them it's just another piece of flashy, fabulous character.

so as far as i can tell, either you had a good haircut, or you're just infinitely cooler for rocking a lamentable but laugh-with-it style. i'm pretty sure even audrey hepburn hated some of her cuts. those bangs? they must have took some adjustment and no one thinks anything about her other than "style icon" today. and since we all know you're a style icon, remember you rock the cut, not the other way around.

jules @ The Diversion Project said...

the only answer to a suspected bad cut and being assaulted with a round brush, is - don't even look at it, jump straight in the shower and wash. The come out and do your own thing the way you'd do it and see what you can make of it. Cut might play nicely and be your friend!


Brandi said...

i wish i could send you one of my cupcakes. i think it'd help. and don't even get me started on stinkbugs. i knew they were bad this year and had to crunch one or two. but then i discovered a colony of them living in a towel i had put on my windowsill for my cats to sit on. i don't have words for how much i was freaking out as i tried to vacuum all those suckers up...{shudder}

have a beautiful weekend, my dear. as long as you keep that chin up, no one will notice the hair, right?

Melissa de la Fuente said...

but, but...you are still SO funny when you are in a mood( read: sickish) and you still make me smile from ear to ear....and I don't like stinkbugs one bit. I hope your hairchop wasn't really a chop. I hope it got better....and I SO know days like this. I am having one today & it is only 10 am. *sigh*

Melissa de la Fuente said...

oh, and one of Brandi's cupcakes would DEFINITELY make you feel better. I am sure.

Anonymous said...

I just learned this weekend, at a butterfly house at our local nursery, that stinkbugs kill and eat butterflies, but, more importantly, the smell of dead stinkbugs attracts MORE stinkbugs. Maybe the vacuum idea was the way to go. And, yes, I am one of those Cliff Clavin types. Just thought I'd share. :-)
Beth Anne