22 September 2010

stick 'em up...

birthdays are a complete mess around here.

the girlies three were all born in september. somewhere along the way, i thought it'd be genius to celebrate three times for everyone. like, sharing.

we went on a little adventure for lill's twelfth. i'm not sure what we'll be doing for esmé's fifth, but i'm sort of sure it'll include loads of plastic and sobbing. and for the grae ghost's yesterday, i bought them babies.

this one for lill. this one for grae. and this one for esmé. {yes. that is a baby monkey. and I KNOW. insane.}

uncle sugar was beyond creeped out. he cringed and wrinkled up his face like he'd smelled bad perfume {that guy HATES bad perfume.} and said don't you think you're a little old for babies?

i pulled him aside and hisspered would you like them to act older, patrick?

he knew he shouldn't have said that. so he told them a story of when he was about thirteen. he was playing guns outside with his little brother, who is about eight years younger. {not to worry! they weren't real guns! my boy is not that much of a thug.}

so there they were, ripping 'round the yard, pointing their fingers at each other and hiding behind trees, making their boy bullet sounds...and their dad came home from work.

what are you doing, patrick?

playing guns.

don't you think you're a little old to be playing guns?

uncle sugar still remembers thinking ummm. am i? crap. and his dad must've seen him all-of-a-sudden deflate.

eh. i was just kidding. when i was your age, i played guns, too. and then i went out and robbed a bank.

all images from monkeysalwayslook. i love that blog name. and while she's way more earthy than my usual taste, i'm digging how chill her site is, aren't you?


krista said...

those baby dolls completely freak me out. for real. but that baby monkey? AWESOME. do you think it would be weird if i bought one and walked it around in a doll stroller, cooing at it and giggling?

karey m. said...

there's nothing wrong with that, krista. considering that's what esme did five minutes after opening her new monkey.

plus also, the girls are pretending that these babies are their new siblings. the yare not thinking this one through, i think.

k a t y said...

When I'm doing the potty dance, trying to rush through whatever I'm working on (usually doing dishes), I always think, I'm too old for this.

Kid at heart.

and bladder, apparently.

Brandi said...

three birthdays in one month? i simply don't know how you handle it. i'd probably have to bake one giant cake with a layer for each girl, the size dependent on how old each was.
i don't even want to think what that would look like years later.

and i don't think you ever really grow up or get too old for anything. not really.

Sue (Someone's Mom) said...

It is funny, I read the first comment and I feel just the opposite...love the babies and the monkey freaked me out!

susan said so said...

the baby 'tan is a little creepy, but I can imagine meme loving her to bits.

the babies were a perfect gift for your "big" girls, too. I would have loved having permission to platy with baby dolls at their age - it was such a confusing time, and that was about the age i started growing up too fast.

you're a smart cookie, karey m. i'm old enough to be your mother, and right now i'm wishing you were mine! :)

one more thing. have you seen these? - http://www.camilleallen.com/camille_allen3.htm

they're enchanting, and one of the few things i reeeeeally want and don't have. yet.


Christy said...

your blog makes me happy to alive. simple. as. that.

Melissa de la Fuente said...

okay, yes this is comment #5 in a span of 10 minutes...don't judge! How sweet is Christy's comment above? sweet. so sweet. And of course you know this post makes me grin from ear to ear. Your girls are all one of a kind...truly. And I concur with Brandi, NEVER to old for anything. (well...maybe a FEW things. but, not much)
( you know)