27 September 2010


i'm pleased to report that my previous post was a smidge incorrect.

i was not in a mood. i was sickish. dizzyish. feverish. all of which combined to make me crabbyish.

phrew. because there's nothing i dislike more than a girl in a mood.

on another note altogether, i made a grocery list for, like, the first time ever. {i told you i was ill!} i just looked at that list of nonsense and saw that my esmé had added the word LOVE to it.

i believe i will find it near the jell-o.

not feeling nearly as lucky about the EOM and FOAF she also apparently wants me to buy.

do you read heist? i can't get enough of that darn site. found this brilliant rainbow by helmut smits there. i've seen it before, but it's still so awesome.


Brandi said...

your esme is a gem. love will permanently be on my shopping list now. and the rainbow idea is brilliant -- i kinda want to run around a parking lot and set up cars so it happens to them.

Melissa de la Fuente said...

Aw..Esme. Love that girl....which of course still makes me wish ya'll lived next door...these sweet stories aren't helping me one bit with that. ;) Love this idea too, I am with Brandi. Thanks for sharing this hun & sorry you were sickish. That is suckish.

Melissa de la Fuente said...

oh, and just to be really annoying I am leaving ANOTHER comment...yes, this makes 4 if you are counting...sorry. WHY are you not on pinterest? Are you? You should be. just sayin....

karey m. said...

i am...but do you know what's weird?! i can't get organized to post an organized collection of...pins, is it?

i want themes. color-coded. perfection.

that's my stop-up. insane?

The Lil Bee said...

Awesome is not even the word for it. BRILLZ. Just lie Esme. I'm quite certain you'll find rainbow-colored love in the Jell-o aisle. Send some my way, wouldja? xx

Simply Mel said...

I believe all wipers should spread a rainbow of color ~ just like sweet Esme spreads LOVE in every single way.

Jenna said...

photos, love