29 September 2010

and the last september girlie...

i've officially had an esmé for five years today.

i spent all of yesterday stealing kisses and hugs from my littlest because, as i told her repeatedly, this would be my last day with a four-year old esmé.

i didn't realize how this would break her little heart. she actually teared up right before she fell asleep and promised me she'd be just as esmé in the morning.


on a lighter note. have i ever told you what a petite gourmande our grae-rose is? her palate is quite exceptional. she seasons and experiments with gusto. watching her in the kitchen is like watching an episode of chopped champions. someday, you'll have to come to a taping of her weekend cooking show with uncle sugar. it's called COOKING! IN! THE! MORNING! with your hosts, gracie and mike.

uncle sugar thinks mike is a good host name.

anyway. she's beyond annoyed that her school lunchroom no longer offers salt. she was storming on and on about this to lill, who couldn't care less about salt but who might be persuaded to start a rally to bring back paprika.

not because she uses it. just because a rally could potentially get her out of P.E.

do you still have salt at your school? grae asked.

yeah, lill answered in a no, duh! sort of a tone. it's at the condoms table.

awesome. and here i just broke them of using the british term for erasers.

not the most appropriate photo for a fifth birthday, but there seems to be very little appropriate in my life this morning! and i do enjoy a deliciously inappropriate kiss, don't you? i knew it. xoxo. {wait! forgot to add the link to this genius blog first found by toby's mom. it's called kissssing. give or take an s. enjoy it!}


Richie Designs said...

love that esme! happiest of happies

Shannon said...

Happy Birthday Esme!

Now about that condom table...

Robin said...

Happy birthday month to the girlies three! They are lucky girls to have you, your amazing words and, of course, each other!

Sherry said...

what a wonderful birthday month you are having. fun, fun, fun. love the condom story. when my drew was four, he showed me his scrotum and asked if it was his brain. i wanted to tell him that some men think it is..*cough, cough*. enjoy your magical month.

karey m. said...

SHERRY! i never thought one of my comments would include the word scrotum!


i can die happy now. xoxo.

Brandi said...

love love love the photograph.

what's the british word for eraser?
and condoms is too funny. i adore slips of the tongue.

happy birthday to your beautiful esme. remember, only today will be her first day of being five!

lara said...

i found that blog and that EXACT kiss (which i saved and sent to my finace) via cup of jo this week. loved it!

Sue (Someone's Mom) said...

They do grow up so fast don't they? I love how devoted you are to your girls.

Jen said...

thank you for making me giggle today!

Melissa de la Fuente said...

Oh, that darling girl...I love all of your september girlies and I so wish I could see an episode of "cooking! in! the! morning! " That is awesome.
Maybe not what you would normally expect for a 5th bday but, looks like one helluva kisssss....

susan said so said...

oh happy day to that pixie girl! i know i'm a day late, but still - happy day, esme. it makes me smile just to think about you!


p.s. @brandi:RUBBER

LouBoo said...

Ohhh the bittersweet of growing up - breaks my heart. Ugh indeed. Love the picture - and I am all for that - inappropriate kisses when you least expect. Lou x

la la Lovely said...

I love it!!! I told everyone we stayed in a condom (condominium) in Florida when I was little.
and now I have to find out what the brit term for eraser is because I seriously and surprisingly don't know.

Relyn said...

You always make me laugh! I am really, really laughing. I wonder if I could convince everyone I work with that we need a condom table.

Elizabeth @claritychaos said...

I just got done writing on that last post that your Esme stories remind me of my Owen -- well, he cried when I gushed the night before his 6th birthday about how it was my last night to tuck in my 5 year old Owen. These sensitive souls...oh, the poetry they will bring into the world!