24 May 2010

things i learned this weekend...

lillie and i knocked off a fat seven minutes from our previous 5k race time back in december. who knew that all she had to do was reduce her i can't breathes and i think my ankle's brokens.

next race? i predict we can shave at least five more minutes if she keeps her death glares to herself. just a suggestion...

we weren't even going to go to the race. it was raining. like, sideways raining. and i didn't want esmé to stand in that all morning. her body's still so little, you know?

but grae wanted to run. lillie was more than fine to bag it all and stay home with me and mémé. somehow she was shamed into going, too. and wouldn't you know, the minute they drove away from me, the rain sort of slowed. it always happens that way, doesn't it?

luckily, i've a chronically late but very lovely neighbor who was headed to the same race. she totally saved our day. her daughter ran with us, and my neighbor endured the ramblings of mémé for an hour or so. when we passed them near the end of the course, that little thing was wrapped in a towel, completely dry, and frowning. ugh. i'm quite certain my neighbor, while not a runner at all, would've preferred the race to you-know-who.

i loved showing up minutes before and surprising my family. because i never get to surprise anyone. i'm always here when i tell them i'll be here. always there when i tell them i'll be there. always exactly where they expect me to be. anyway. it was nice to make them gasp. feel that moment of you're here?! you're really really here?!

uncle sugar and i laughed about our girlies three for the rest of the day. he ran with grae, and told me afterwards that she's fueled by rage. by this intense drive - purely internal - to always do better. or else.

of course, that worries me.

lill's speed and determination, on the other hand, only sparked when the crowds along the raceway began cheering. out popped that chandelier smile and some kicks i didn't know her broken ankle had left.

of course, that worries me.

which one are you? internal or external? and, hey. you turned out fine, yes? say yes...

interiors from marmol radziner. because i would like a tub in the den. and i wanted to show jos that table in the last photo. her husband made her one like it. but do. not. try. this. at. home. just ask him. hope your weekend was exactly how i wished it to be on friday. packed until sunday with awesome. full of kisses that made you lose your legs. xoxo, you.


Melissa de la Fuente said...

First and most importantly....I adore you or SMA'dore you if I really, really mean it. :) You all ran in the rain. I didn't do anything that hard but, I am so proud of you all & I am enternal. Perking up when I hear cheering...;) This table is crazy beautiful...as if Jos's. What a talented husband and please don't worry my darlin. Your girls? They will be great women. You do NOT need to fear. Trust.

megan said...

i love that you and the g3 run 5ks. what a healthy (physically and emotionally!) family activity.

i agree with melissa--your girls will be great women. they have you as a role model.

and i'm totally a lillie, by the way. :)

Brandi said...

you run with your girls? brilliant. i wish i had some running partners. right now, my drive is all internal, but it's nice to have someone running beside you and pushing you every now and then.

i love the way you're raising your girlies. inspirational.

jules @ The Diversion Project said...

now that's cool, running with your kids. love the death glares remark - have been on the receiving end of a few of those lately. usually when i ask about girls?!

heaps happy your cabinets turned out great, it can be a bloody endurance test getting stuff like that done - at least its worth it when they turn out great!


Kristin said...

karey -- your girls are on their way to becoming phenomenol women. and one thing it seems they all have? confidence. that cannot be beat. you're doing a fantastic job, mama. ;)