25 May 2010

do you...

own an iron? me, neither.

clothes that demand a pressing seem pushy to me. they scare me a little. and those that probably need a little steam? well. i'll be happy to take them to the dry cleaner, but i seriously don't have time to baby a blouse. {i've told you i'm not very nice, though you don't seem to want to believe it.}

also. i am not good with piping hot could burn me to a crisp appliances.

do you even know how irritated this all makes uncle sugar? every time he throws on a linen shirt for the weekend, re-waters it, and presses out whatever wrinkles he can with his clenched fists, he frowns. hard.

kar. are. you. sure. we. don't. have. an. iron?

oh, baby. i'm sure. i left it with our maid in jordan.

yes, i still miss my maid. but don't you worry. i'll get over it. just as soon as i get myself another one. did you giggle? and i'm thinking these items from pour porter probably don't require much heat to be hot. look at the architecture of the second one, will you? smart. xoox.


The Lil Bee said...

Whenever I need to de-wrinkle something, I hang it in the shower. The other day, that method wasn't working, so I took out my flat-iron (for my hair?) and attempted to de-wrinkle the mother while it was already on my body. I left the house wrinkled and with some hotspots on my thighs.

Simply Mel said...

Oh thank goodness I'm not the only one without an iron ~ and to think it drives my mother crazy each time she visits "how can any respectable wife not own an iron?".

Well ~ I guess I will remain in the 'unrespectable' category!

Melissa de la Fuente said...

hee hee ho ho...I giggled for sure and I KNOW you keep trying to convince us that you are not very nice but, I will keep on refusing to believe it. So, you don't want to baby a blouse! Who does?! I will tell you a funny secret...over the weekend I went to press some napkins( for a party, I don't usually do this, even for a party but, I was trying to make it extra nice for Marichelle) and realized my ironing board was still taped up from our move.......a YEAR ago. So, yeah...I am not doing much ironing either. And you know what, I don't CARE! :) These dresses are definitely HOT all on their own. Yowza...you could rock em...for sure.

A-M said...

This post made me realise, the only thing I iron is school uniforms and business shirts... yes it's all about them, cause I don't baby blouses either! A-M xx

mrs. darling said...

i only iron work clothes. and it's never done with a smile.

kathleen said...

i believe you. i know you're not nice. which is so lovely.

susan said so said...

own one? yes. use it? um...no.

nice + not nice = just right.


Brandi said...

i really wouldn't mind a maid. and i do have an iron, though i didn't buy it. it was just here when i moved in. i try to avoid it, but sometimes i give in, especially when i want to wear something cute and it has been buried in the back of my closet. but the iron and i are enemies. in college, i grabbed a hot iron with my bare hand and burned my fingers pretty severely. i never looked at an iron the same way again.

Happenstance said...

I have this secret thing against irons too! I don't use one since I pretty much live in jeans and t-shirts. And when I do need something pressed it goes to the dry cleaners. And then I just have to remember to pick it up!:)

Kristin said...

i hate ironing. Ugh! it's the worst. when it comes to worst chores, it's second only to cleaning the shower. And i really really hate cleaning the shower.

(geez. that's lots of hates.)

I do love your blog, dear Karey. There. There's a love.