27 May 2010


something's up with my girlies three lately. all they want to eat is salami for breakfast, lunch, afternoon snack, and dinner. plus i now routinely shake down esmé before bed because i'm quite sure she's hiding a circle or two no matter how many times she tells me she's not.

her lie face stinks.

this morning, i cut grae's salami sandwich into about twenty tiny squares. she'd chipped a tooth last night while wrestling with uncle sugar and her sisters, and i thought it'd still be a little touchy. of course, i'd warned them all only five minutes before.

mom always said, don't play ball in the house.


grae was pleased. i never use that word, but there's no other for her fleeting look of surprise slash genuine gratitude slash sheer contentment.

no matter how old we grow, it's lovely when someone spends an extra moment on us, yes?

i make an awesome breakfast, don't i? i bragged, knowing full well that they don't even trust me to toast their poptarts.

when you were in california, grae said, daddy made us french toast, bacon, omelets, and eggs any way we wanted them.


of course he did.

then she looked at the sandwich i'd carefully cut and arranged in a remedial smiley-faced sort of a set-up, and gave me smile that could turn a blue moon white.

this is better.

her lie face is amazing.

if you'd like to read about my time away in california, you may do so right here. there are even a few pictures. yuck. oh! and these quotes are from quote book, as introduced to me by mary ruffle.


Andrea said...

will you make me something with that flying quote. how true, how true. hope it all was lovely.

I think we will also be eating pork in all its various forms breakfast, lunch and dinner.

mary said...

OMG. I looooove salami. xoxo

jules @ The Diversion Project said...

yeah, look, a salami sanga is hard to beat anytime any day. the sugar man will have to accept it. french toast doesn't come close.

cool pics! you have the most expressive hands treasure. but i'm sure you use them for good! hehe


kathleen said...

i'm craving that stuff now. thanks.

la la Lovely said...

what is it with the salami? my ella asks for it every lunch. i tell her only once in awhile. and this has been a greedy salami week.

my lie face stinks. i hate that but i guess it has kept me out of trouble.

and that wrestling with dad. i don't get it and glad i'm not the one doing it ...but i think in the long run it is a good thing.

hope you are well... i'm off to read about your cali-forn-i-a trip.

xoxo trina

Shannon said...

My Ave's amazing face is her "up" face, it is most definitely said with her eyes, and I totally read it as "I love you mommy"

Looks like you had a grand time out west! And don't even get me started on indoor rough housing, my stepson and husband set the bar for "it's all fun and games..."

susan said so said...

when my two were little, i used a pizza wheel to zip their sandwiches, patty-cakes (pancakes) and - yes, spaghetti into manageable bites. i kept on doing it looooong past the time when they actually needed it, for the simple reason that they liked it.

when i was little, my big sister always cut my sandwiches into quarters, then halves as i got older.

to this day, when wifey (or sister) makes me a sandwich and cuts it in half, i feel extra loved. it is the little things, indeed.


Melissa de la Fuente said...

Okay...I love this and I love these quotes. But, I also want to talk about your killer rings you are wearing in the photos & your gorgeous face AND your cute little tongue poking out will you are making the car! So adorable...and lovely and I want to hear all about the rings....start talkin! And links are good too! :)

krista said...

i'm looking forward to my baby girl's lie face.
because right now, it's all about:

"do you like my outfit?"

"no, mommy. no like."