06 April 2010

no reason...

i just wanted to say hello.

it's been a genius and productive day. i'd list everything i've accomplished and won today, but i'm deathly fearful of braggy karma.

i can tell you one thing that really has zero to do with anything real, though. ready? i made uncle sugar laugh. like, hard. which is nothing too terribly new. i own some pretty goofy antics. but i honestly don't think he'd ever heard the phrase i used.

he'd just told me some random story, and i finished it with an off-handed "and that's when she totally lost her shit, right?"

that's all it took to put the devil in his eyes. and uncle sugar looks so extra-handsome with the devil in his eyes. so i kept repeating my line whenever appropriate. and even when inappropriate. plus? i may try to swear more often.

are there words that make you laugh? like, hard? do tell! and isn't that bracelet subtle? i thought so, too. have a sweet afternoon, friends. xoxo.


Amie aka MammaLoves said...

At our house we channel Heathers quite a bit.

Whenever anyone says they LOVE something it's immediately followed up with "I love my dead gay xx."

Try it. It's good stuff.

karey m. said...

amie...NEVER heard that one! adding it to my uncle sugar list. xo.

Simply Mel said...

This may sound a bit rude or politically incorrect, but it truly is said with no harm or ill-feelings ~ and it is a line from a movie but I just cannot remember which one at this moment. Whenever I rattle off something really quick and just start a never-ending thought process that leaks through my lips, my husband always stops me and says, "I can't hear you with all that ching-chong-chang!" And it gets me every single time! I know...silly, right?!

lkm said...

do the words on today's t.ruffle count? (i might have snorted out loud. sorry.)

{t}ruffle said...

mel...pat and i are like that with that line from trading places, i think? "it. was. the. dukes. it. was. the. dukes." like you're being choked.

also, from that gene wilder/richard pryor movie? "was there or was ther NOT a woman?!" "fuzzy wuzzy was a woman?"

oh, this is FUN!

and lkm! you! are! cute! that was actually sort of a story about me. never realized it until my girlies three were all "mom? why do you always call them robinredbreasts? it's embarrassing." oops.

A-M said...

My hubby tends to waffle. If he can say what he needs to say in five words, he'll use 50. My boys and I love to say "25 words or less"... every time he waffles. Our other favourites, when discussing something we don't want to do "pins in my eyes" (I'd rather stick pins in my eyes), and of course our farewell greeting "love ya, mean it, miss ya already". Don't you love the belly laugh. I love to shock my hubby into one at least once a day. It usually involves some rude language but it's also all in the timing! A-M xx

jules @ The Diversion Project said...

i usally get my audience laughing when i go into my brain spasm thing, when my brain is working faster than my mouth and things come out in a morse code of usually made up words. A pretty common reaction of mine is is 'that sucks the big one' which really isn't meant to have that much imagery attached to it - it just sucks. but one day i was so p*ssed off i said that and then unconciously followed it with 'and swallows'. i know, bad jules.

i swear way too much!xxx

susan said so said...

mine is the f-bomb, strung together in a particular series of variations. it's only used in the MOST extreme situations, but it does tend to break any inherent tensions in the room, and makes everyone laugh, out loud and hard. and they all seem so surprised that i've said something so shocking, and THAT always surprises me.

i love swearing. really, i do.


Kayla Poole said...

just start saying "in my pants" after everything you say. Uh-may-zing, I tell you!

Also, you rock.

Melissa de la Fuente said...

hee hee ha ha ( snort snort) ...:)
Joel and I use " ya feel me?" (from the Wire) quite a bit! and whenever one of us seems to be making a mountain out of a mole hill the other hands the offender a tiny & invisible academy award. :) Then you have to accept it and pump the air & wave! :) Whenever I make Joel burst into a belly laugh, I feel I have accomplished everything I needed to that day. I adore you & Uncle Sugar!

pen.ny said...

At some point when my S and I began to get really serious we were talking about the relationship and S said something (which I forget now) and I just turned my head and blurted "What? You think I'm doing this for shits and giggles?"

A huge surprise belly laugh after that one. Took any seriousness out of the air. Perfect!

To this day that story is told at many a dinner party because S still gets such a kick out of that phrase. Poor guests.

Brandi said...

my boyfriend loves nothing more than seeing me laugh myself into a fit of snorting laughter. i don't even know how i do it. sometimes it's my silly songs. sometimes it's strange phrases like yours (i LOVE that). there's nothing like that silliness.

Di Overton said...

Now I'm just waiting for the moment I can use that one :)