01 February 2010

for my mom...

please. feel free to avert your eyes.

so here are my panel-mates at altitude design summit. they were all amazingly cool. the only part i really remember from our hour was that i laughed and smiled. a lot. plus threw down a few stellar sites: daily poetics, mrs. lilien, stash studios, pour porter, the diversion project, designers' block, and not your average ordinary. plus apparently? showed some cleavage.

i got an email last week sweetly informing me that i was a way better writer than speaker, which upset me to no end for at least thirty seconds. until i thought about it. really thought about it.

my first thought was duh. and then i decided i'd save only one part of that note. the part that describes me as a way better writer than.

think of the possibilities! i can fill in anyone's name whenever i'm feeling rotten. anyone's.

or? i could just read this. and this. and a number of other sweetheart words that my imaginary friends send me. at least thirty times a day, you make me feel like a million. so if anyone but my mom is still reading, thank you. from the very bottom of my heart.

speaking of hearts, we added a new print to the shoppe today. it is my all-time favorite for a babe's bedroom, don't you think? and small enough to fit over a light-switch, which is where i like to hang little reminders about taking extra care with delicate objects i've made. you, too? xoxo and catch you later, friends.


nichole said...

I'm a WAY better writer than speaker. In fact, I am an awful speaker, a rambling mess of a speaker. My IQ goes down 100 points when I am on stage.

Which is why I am never on stage!


Brandi said...

you tempt me with those sweets over and over again.
and yes, you can insert many names there, i'm sure. but speaking is a lot like writing: you need to do it over and over again to get good at it, to develop your style, to find your own flair. and let's face it, if everyone spoke the way they wrote, it might sound odd sometimes. they're just different forms of communication. and they're each lovely.
{p.s. you made me blush. i'm nearly as red as that heart}

barchbo said...

Well, I don't know how that's possible since your writing SPEAKS and it's totally lovely.

And it's so much nicer to be MORE THAN as opposed to LESS THAN. So graceful. A lesson your unsolicited pen pal could stand to learn. You've set her a great example today.

Kelly said...

the two forms are hardly related! that's why we bloggers generally hide behind our computers instead of conference tables and podiums. but for what it's worth, that person has no clue what they're talking about because you did amazing! (and i'm not a liar.)


paula said...

how I would have loved to of been there, one I suppose. Oh, and I am sure your speaking is lovely:)

Simply Mel said...

I will read your words, listen to your words, and always wait for your words because they are even WAY BETTER than hot apple pie (and I love me some pie!!)!!!!!

jules @ The Diversion Project said...

wow, what do you say to something like that? My mum always told me to take the high road and don't get dragged down into something unpleasant - wish i paid more attention to my mum!

i'm 112.7% certain the positive feedback that i've been reading arond the traps vastly confirms that you were fabulous, contrary to the .000021% opinions of others.

that's because you ARE fabulous, and we all know it!


karey m. said...

ahahaha! i think she actually did mean it sweetly! and i so KNOW i am not a speaker. fer. sure.

but i am digging the "way better writer than" trick. i think we could probably all use this one at some point, right?

just replace writer with whatever you need...mom, friend, wife, dancer, singer, alcoholic!

thanks for your stick-up-for-me words, but i'm fine! because I'M A WAY BETTER WRITER THAN YOU!

i just snorted. ugh. xoxo.

jules @ The Diversion Project said...

i'm seeing a little side project for t.ruffle with the 'way better than...' element, ever thought of moving into portraits??

hehehe oh the possibilities!

Stash said...


pen.ny said...

oh this made me laugh so much, apparently you showed cleavage!!

love ms. brandi, her blog always makes me so happy.

Jill said...

oh you are just too cute for words! so nice to "see" you again... :)

writer, speaker, whatever... just don't go away again. m'kay?

Melissa de la Fuente said...

Oh dear....the things folks say. Over & over again...i am reminded of how much I missed at Alt. The number one thing being meeting you my dear, in person. What a beautiful gal you are, that gorgeous smile, that perfect hair, beautiful eyes, and yowza cleavage! ;) hee hee. Those other ladies are just fab so, thank you for the intro and this new print? Is perfection....I love it.

krista said...

i'm a way better writer than your cleavage.

although that's clearly not true.

you're even cuter than i pictured you.
of course.

Richie Designs said...

super cute!

I'm a way better writer than speaker too...it takes a few glasses of wine to even think about it.

Relyn said...

That one is probably my favorite. And I really, really love the pinkish red of it.