31 January 2010

things i learned this weekend...

i'm a little in love with michele oka doner. i've known of her for years, but two recent-ish interviews i tripped over had me scribbling notes like mad.

"oh there’s so much great truth in how things divide and replicate themselves. there’s such a life force, whatever name anybody gives it. it’s undeniable. and there is magic. it’s why we all stop when we see the lightening. to hear the thunder, the dialogue in a way between electricity and violence."

she's tactile. goes around touching things all the time. she's a barefoot girl. and then there's this...

"evolved women have begun to form a collective awareness of how to support one another. it goes way beyond 'what dress am i wearing tonight?' i really like women. i've learned how to negotiate a world filled with intelligent and attractive women, giving everyone their due."

breathtaking, she is.

lee van cleef was hot in the good, the bad and the ugly. henry fonda was even hotter in once upon a time in the west. but chatting for hours with uncle sugar long after the girlies three fall asleep about all things sergio leone? well. that's not bad, either.

and when i'm next due for color, i'm going silver.

to match parts of uncle sugar's beard. which reminds me of something else i learned this weekend: when i teasingly call my husband old man, it makes him huffy and indignant.

i hope you laughed and stole some kisses these past few days. two musts for a fantastic weekend, yes? yes. which reminds me of a super cute tumblr called kissez. enjoy. and you're right. i am trying to distract you from asking for all of my references for the above pics and quotes. please excuse my lazy. and xoxo.


Callie Grayson said...

I wish I could have stole some kisses, my man is all the way in california.


Sweet Blogs said...

Hi Karey- It was fun chatting with you at Alt. I finally realized why I recognized you. We both taught the Hands on Small Businesses classes this past fall. See you sometime soon again I hope.
April~Living The Sweet Life

emily said...

hi karey,
love that you posted about michelle oka donor. i met her twelve years ago working on a photo shoot. i interviewed her for an article i was writing, and believe me she is every bit as amazing in person. real class act. i just found your blog and i laughed when i wrote you have been "making people"...so have i--mine are 1 and 3 years old.i love reading other mom blogs.
emily :)

Melissa de la Fuente said...

How beautiful....all of it. And yes, to the silver....you only live once, why the hell not? :)

karey m. said...

callie...sorry to remind you. you should plan a kissing weekend in cali soon, though!

april. that WAS fun in the lobby of the grand america! i've been thinking of home-schooling ever since. but not in a "i can do that!" sort of way. ugh.

emily. I'M A MOM BLOG?! i kid. some days, i've no idea where this beast fits, you know? loved loved loved your sites, though.

melis. that photo of you on your post last week is so adorable. you look so happy, it kills me. plus chooch, which is always a bonus.

Petit Elefant said...

You have a way with words love. Really.