19 January 2010

in a dreamy haze...

best. long. weekend. ever.

perfect little moments here and there, which is usually just enough. the girlies three were tucked by my side at precisely all the right times, and - poof! - disappeared to play without fighting at precisely all the rest of the right times. i like those girls very much.

and there was a dinner with a most charming uncle sugar and four of our most delightful friends and a pretty stellar tasting menu. i think i'm a little in love with tasting menus, are you? although i hadn't eaten all day and my stomach continued to growl until after the third of seven presentations, i quite liked the bite-sized pageantry of it all.

and these friends...let me just offer this: we should all have friends who are rooting for us as earnestly as we're rooting for them. it's a treat, for sure.

so. no dramas except for one. lillie wanted to peel potatoes while grae and uncle sugar were cooking. long story short - the kind of story that involves days of lillie begging off all things wet, like swim practice and showers. ick. - the tippy tip of her thumb is long gone. grae is still keeping an angry eye out for it.

uncle sugar sweetly told lill she's just like her mom, which my girl took as a compliment, never fully hearing the rest of his sentence..."so it's best if you stay out of the kitchen."

eh. what can i tell you? i lose interest after two ingredients, and sharp shiny objects distract me.

anyway. i hope your weekend was even better than mine. because i'd hate nothing more than if you had a bum few days and then had to hear all about family time and tasting menus and charming uncle sugars. which is why i added the part about the bloody thumb to spice it up a bit. just in case your long weekend lagged.

because...real friends or imaginary...i'm rooting for you just as hard as you're rooting for me. a treat, for sure.

ghostlings found via it's mary ruffle. i swear, her sight is a gold mine. do not visit unless you have a million minutes to dreamily follow her links.


Krissy said...

sounds like a great weekend! i do love a yummy tasting menu :)

Brandi said...

Mmmmm...tasting menu. I'd love to create a meal like that. Maybe an entire meal of only desserts on a tasting menu. They're great ways to try new foods.
And I've experienced the loss of the tip of my thumb, not personally (I might have passed out), but my uncle, who happens to be a great cook, once nipped his thumb as he was making kashi and bowties. Suddenly, all the kashi looked like this tip of a thumb. I refused to eat any of it.
And I did have a very lovely weekend, though I had to send my boyfriend back to the East Coast, which I really didn't want to do. (P.S. I root hard too, very very.)

Melissa de la Fuente said...

*sigh* Why must you torture me so? Rooting for me like I am for you....being so charming & funny, loving and clever, fabu & warm and live too fricking far away!!! Only next door would do. I am so glad, so SO glad that you had such a wonderful weekend. I know EXACTLY what you mean and those are THE best. I had some perfect moments myself and treasure them. Have a fantastic day my friend!

Kay* said...

what a perfect weekend. i now want to go out somewhere that offers me a tasting menu. thinking about these little morsels of food is making me quite hungry!

my weekend, meh. no complaints.

la la Lovely said...

Thank you for the rooting (could use a little today).. I'm rooting for you too... especially with this ALT conf thingy....so wish I could go. I think I just might have made that one of my resolutions to go, but since I have a newborn I suppose it will have to be on next years list... and I'm hoping there is one next year. And I'm hoping you'll fill us all in on some if it?
Oh, and I am particularly taken with that wish picture.. dreamy! So glad you had such a lovely weekend!
x Trina

emily b. said...

oh how i love 'between the bars'. such a dreamy, lovely song. the perfect one to echo in my head all day today. and how i love tasting menus. and wonderful weekends. so glad yours was so magical :)

xo, em

Richie Designs said...

tasting menus, chef's menus... I love them all have the wine pairings and it's all over for me I'm a gonner.

magical yes, finger tips ouch!

but I like the story of your kitchen prowess

Heather said...

i love your blog :-)

pen.ny said...

Oooh sounds like a lovely weekend indeed. Can it get any better than tasting menus?

I didn't see you this weekend, but did think of you while running alongside the George Washington Parkway (my favorite) as I was totally "a 17 year old hoochie" myself. (I never did get a chance to tell you that you made my day with that post) Nevertheless, I think you'd like my music.


ZDub said...

Sounds fantastic. Especially the not fighting part. :)

Joslyn said...

oooh poor sweet lillie ...but uncle s's comment is cracking me up.

see you in a couple of days.

Kristin @ Contented Me said...

So happy you had a lovely weekend. Me too. Amelia and I took a yoga class. It would have been perfect, too, if she hadn't decided to declare herself totally starving and demand a bottle and then fill her drawers. And, oh yeah, we were the only mommy and baby there. It was quite funny actually...

The world needs more people like you, K. You always make me smile. ;)

kathleen said...

i got an email from the persian, and he seems to only write after seeing you. was he part of this outing?

i miss good friends, good food, and the tippy top of her thumb.

so glad you had a great wknd!