09 December 2009

so far, so good...

nothing broken. not even my poor little back. and the girlies three are still smiling.

a petite announcement...i woke and saw that t.ruffles is sold out of a pinch of magic and i'll wait for you right here. and there's only one we fit, too.

if you'd like one of these prints and it's not an urgent if you don't have it by 24 december you will never speak to me again and even though i probably wouldn't recognize your voice if we ever actually spoke, i would still miss your words terribly and i would not want to disappoint you. ever. sort of thing, just ask me. ok?

because i always say yes. and mary ruffle is even nicer than i am.

be back soon, friends. i do miss this. and you. xoxo. karey m.

p.s. esmé's slept in her own bed for two. gorgeous. nights. in a row! i hesitate to jinx it all by crowing, but then i think i don't believe in jinxing. even though i do count crows.

p.p.s. i honestly thought this one would be our most popular print. nope. haven't even sold one. i hung mine near the light switch where i put on my make-up in the morning. when i catch sight of it, the first thing i think is ooh! those colors are sick! and the second thing i think? add. more. shimmer. {i fear this is not a selling point. hmm.}

genius good mistakes from karin eriksson. yes...that karin eriksson.


Melissa de la Fuente said...

oh, how wonderful hun! I love the one you love too....and adding more shimmer is always good by me. That Karin Eriksson.....she is a genius for sure. :)

Brandi said...

More shimmer isn't a bad thing. I like all of the treats in the t.ruffle shop. i just think different prints speak to different people and maybe the right people for that print, the people who need it in their lives, just haven't come along yet. they will. people always gravitate unknowingly to the beautiful and inspirational.

mrs. darling said...

everything is better with more shimmer. in high school i was addicted to eye shimmer made by bonnebell. it was basically gel with GLITTER in it. i wore it all over my eyes and cheeks. ugh, what a disco ball i was. and also, the aqua vase in the photo? it would make my life complete. beyond beautiful.