08 December 2009

someone does not want to unpack...

i have this ritual when i wake up.

rouse two of my three, head downstairs, and turn on a few twinkly lamps plus the tree. it sort of eases us from drowsy to day. tricks us all that it's dusk instead of a dark morning. we seem to be dusk people.

this morning, though, i did not head downstairs easily. we have boxes on top of boxes. i haven't cracked them all open, but they appear to be full of who's the idiot who would pack that up and send it?

and now? right now? that idiot is procrastinating. hanging out with you instead.

oh! i actually do have something to tell you...the t.ruffles shoppe will only be open until the 18th. and then we'll close up and think of something brand new for the next go-around.

if you haven't bought a t.ruffle yet, you might want to rethink this. mary's photos are stunning and cheerful. they just are. even when she tries to be all arty and moody, they still come out happy.

and this one might very well be my favorite...because life - and love - is often about believing in someone else even more than you believe in yourself. putting all your eggs in one basket is never recommended. aesop would not buy this print, fer sure. but i think it's quite daring to take that chance, don't you? especially when you believe that basket is strong enough to hold your heart...without one teeny chance of breaking it.

wow. i am totally procrastinating. i must tell uncle sugar i wrote this last week and scheduled it. he will think i am smart.

wait! i do have one more thing to tell you. we had a lot of mails about our guardian angel post on the sweeterie. that's the lovely thing about not having comments on that sight...if you love it...if you really love it...you find a way to tell us.

a few of you asked if we'd think of making it a print. and since i had nothing better to do, i did. get yours here.

and now. i've got to think of what to do today. nothing's really coming to me. any ideas? ugh. and xoxo.


Brandi said...

I do love this print. I'm buying myself another early birthday gift.

And we do so often take the chance to put our eggs in just one basket. I think that's what's so magical about falling in love -- you don't always do the rational thing (it makes life exciting and unpredictable).

Good luck as the unpacking continues. I'd get boxes empty just so I could make a fort.

karey m. said...

brandi! you are LOVELY! i just saw you newest order...and i love that you're a supporter of the arts.

my and mary's art, that is!


Kelly and Kelly said...

if you were here you would be snowed in and stuck with the boxes and unpack them b/c you would have nothing else to do. unless you ran to target before the heavy snow started to get a copy of Julie & Julia.

mrs. darling said...

just stopped by truffle girls to see your text for the photo today and gasped. so. completely. beautiful.

Melissa de la Fuente said...

Oh...I feel you on the boxes my friend. And I understand the procrastination totally....hope you had more luck later on in the day....and that print? Gorgeous. You know I love it, cause I told you so but, it bears repeating. Mary's photo and your words. Such a fantastic pairing. Genius is what it is......genius I say! :)

DeMo said...

I gasped thinking that you were stopping the truffle blog. Relieved to know that it's only the etsy that's changing. I don't think I could handle not going to the sweeterie twice (or more) a day.

Anonymous said...
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krista said...

the sweeterie makes my morning. every day. i sort of crave it as soon as i get the coffee brewing. it's a good way to start things off.