14 December 2009


hello. my name is karey and i do not wish to speak of boxes anymore.


but guess what? i got a pretty genius haircut last night. total kate lanphear that i can - get this! - flip to either side. plus color that looks like i picked it up at the beach.

i am thrilled.

did you know abe lincoln also switched up his parts on a whim? i believe this is a true story, mostly because uncle sugar told it to me a long long time ago and he does not lie when it comes to anything abe lincoln.

but it could also be a trick. because he's been seeking revenge ever since i told him that patrick ewing's teeth were dentures. he thought that faux-fact was so interesting that he told everyone he knew about poor patrick ewing's teeth. i sat next to him for years listening to this total fabrication of mine, wearing a bland smile and sometimes plugging my nose so i wouldn't laugh and blow the whole joke.

somewhere along the way, i forgot to tell him it was a whole joke. until he'd saturated his friends and acquaintance market with what would later become known as the are you kidding me, karey? they're not dentures? fib. in, like, all caps incredulity. plus he never calls me karey unless it's serious.

anyway. i really liked my stylist. she was covered in tattoos and quite open-minded, and we had ourselves a lovely little chat.

there was also an adorable stylist-in-training with hair so black it looked cobalt blue. just an effortlessly beautiful boy, you know? he had the coolest boy name i've ever heard, and my stylist said but wait until you hear his siblings' names!

just. as. cool.

and i smiled and said your mom killed it with names.

he frowned. his face turned all stormcloud dark. and he said that's the only good thing she's ever done for us.

crushing, right? because if you've ever named anything...i don't care if it's a turtle or a puppy or a brand-new babe...you sort of pour all of your hopes and dreams into it, don't you think?

i still remember uncle sugar walking up to me at random points during my first pregnancy, holding out his hand, pretending to introduce our someday girlie.

hi. i'm lillie kate mackin. your attorney.

i wonder how that happens. how somewhere along the way, the hopes and dreams are overtaken by fights and misunderstandings and pointless searches for apologies. i wonder what that day is like. when you can't patch the break. when you turn away instead of clutching. when you can't for the life of you find any more love.

i don't want to ever know.

both images from a new tumblr i already like. it's called made by hands attached to people. great name. and i know i like it because i'm peeved there are only, like, five entries. hurry up, lady! more more more.


Melissa de la Fuente said...

Oh, how beautiful Karey.....and how sad for that beautiful boy.....I don't ever want to know either. Not ever.....and? I am SO happy you got a cut you adore! That is the height of fabu!

Brandi said...

I'm so happy to hear you got such an awesome haircut (nothing to make one feel good like a good hair style).
And I don't know what that day is like either. My boyfriend and I have had long talks about such things. For a long time he didn't want to get married because he thought marriages were always destined for days like that. But I don't think they are. I think we can create beautiful things every day, both at home and in the world around us.

mrs. darling said...

my mr. darling has a mother like the boy with blue/black hair. a mother who gave him nothing but a name and neglect. and at first it scared me, a family like that seemed the most foreign thing in the world to me. then i watched him and realized...when you grow up in a world like that, with no love and broken promises...you will walk through fire to build a home and a family that is the complete opposite. my mr. darling would give his life for me just to show me his love. because no one ever did that for him.

and that's why i believe that the boys whose mothers' never cared...all they need is someone to believe in them and they will change the world and make it a better place.

and also? yay for perfect haircuts!

Stash said...

love this much my dear, very much

Richie Designs said...


Kay* said...

LMAO! patrick ewing dentures! oh my gosh i needed that laugh.

...but that poor beautiful boy...not so funny...

Kelly and Kelly said...

1. I want to see your hair!

2. I need to know the fabulous boy names.

3. I don't want to know either.

Simply Mel said...

This, these very words...make me hope and dream even fiercer than before.

TX Girl said...

Between you and Mrs. Darling- this post really tugged at my heartstrings. Thank you for reminding me why I need to try harder and hopefully tomorrow will be better.

At least the fib you made up was deliciously funny. I'm not sure if I could have kept a straight face.

ZDub said...

That is one fierce haircut, I bet you look just lovely. (You always do.)

There is a break that is currently unpatched in our family, my sister to be exact. Too much hurt that can't be taken back.

I would like it to be mended, but it's not completely up to me.


etta said...

saw these pictures today and thought -- hey, i've seen those somewhere before! :) thanks for the shout-out.

and don't worry, there will definitely be more more more! happy unpacking.


Art Wall Katie said...

What a great read and interesting question. I too would like to know the boy names.