11 December 2009


yesterday, gabrielle of design mom featured a t.ruffle print on her sight. it looked very pretty over there.

especially when paired with her post title...gift guide: darling things.

in my ever-eloquent fashion, i shot her a mail packed with some of my best. words. ever.

i think it went something like YOU'RE darling! and i believe there was a WHEEEEEEEE! in there somewhere.


so so so many of you have shown much love for t.ruffles. that thrills me to no end. because i've been telling anyone who will listen that all i really want to be is an artist. and as soon as i figured out that probably definitely would never happen? i begged a real artist to let me write all over her art.

for the record? mary ruffle always says yes to me.

in case anyone was wondering, i have other wishes. i would like to dunk a basketball. like, with mad panache. i'd love to play the violin. i'm trying to learn all the words to o holy night. that song guts me every time. no matter who's singing it.

i've got more. i wish someone would unpack for me. i would also enjoy a beach holiday. and i wish i could tell each and every one of you who's been so sweet to me and mary and our shoppe...thank you. it would maybe sound like this...

found and giggled over this at least four times since maggiedammit showed it to me and all of her other fans. and today's photo over at the sweeterie just about made me cry this morning. i think i've some words to do it justice. xoxo.


Melissa de la Fuente said...

That is the sweetest thing ever, your words and this video....which my sweet hubby showed me this morning because a friend of ours said it reminded her of him. Which it does, reminds me of my hubby mixed with our littlest ones. hee hee. This little one has mad skillz on the uke though! Right?

Brandi said...

You're so incredibly sweet. I have to thank you for posting my site on kirsty. It means so much to me that you like what I do. I think the closet I come to artistry may be my baking. Maybe. And I completely break down when I sing O Holy Night. There are a rare few songs like that that I can't make it through. Luckily, I made it through that whole video -- oh my golly, that kid is too cute.

iheartkiwi said...

panache. now that's a word i need to be working into my vocabulary more often!

this video is too adorable for words. a ukulele virtuoso!

Richie Designs said...

thats what I sound like singing in the car...I generally just make up words!

susan said so said...

you make me smile every day, karey, but this video really got me. carefree innocence...beautiful!



mrs. darling said...

your words on t.ruffle girls today? heart-breakingly beautiful. and completely perfect.

krista said...

i have watched this video so many times in the last two days. and every other video this kid has made. oy. i'm buying finn an ukulele. the end.

Relyn said...

I am in love with this adorable little guy. But, mad at you too. Now my daughter swears she needs a brother. ha.

Callie Grayson said...

what a great little video!! he really started to rock out near the end, crushing my heart!!

love your words at t.ruffle
daily read, brings a flutter to my insides:)


Anonymous said...

...please where can I buy a unicorn?

susan said so said...


I mentioned (ummm, maybe "gushed about" is a more appropriate term) you in my blog post today (my 100th post!) - I hope ou don't mind, and that you'll stop by and visit:



Susan @ Dreams Underfoot

"You must be the change you wish to see in the world." ~ Mahatma Ghandi

Rachel said...

I just heard this last night and then read your blog today. most beautiful O Holy Night I've ever heard.

The Lil Bee said...

This little boy melts me...

And you ARE an artist. We can all see that, clear as day.