15 December 2009

i think...

this is a brilliant sight.

i have no good words today, plus a few paying projects and maybe one more than that if uncle sugar pays me for unpacking. i'm pretty sure i can arrange this.

and yes. i am still unpacking.

but. lovely plans tonight and tomorrow and all weekend, really. which coincide nicely with my lovely new haircut.

oh. one thing that makes me feel dumb and rotten. we've gotten excellent feedback on our t.ruffles and the packaging. i like that you think they're flat out happiness on an eight by ten, too. i like that very much.

but do you know what i forgot? somewhere in between those little surprise cards and the fat circle stickers and the glassine and xoxo...i forgot to include thank you notes. ugh.

now i have to send apology notes.

remember...t.ruffles is only open until friday, ok? we have one of these left for your love. a few of these for your kitchen. and a couple of these to hang over your babes' beds. and i promise i'll send you a thank you...xoxo, friends.


The Lil Bee said...

Such a beautiful image, K. I would love to walk down a street like that. I'm happy your shop is doing so well, too. You deserve it, cupcake!

Krissy said...

pretty pretty picture! So glad the shop is doing wonderful- looking forward to January :)

Brandi said...

You are so cute. The beautiful images I got in the mail were thank you's enough. Actually, I might have to write YOU and Mary a thank you for creating such beautiful work. Because I am seriously one of the pickiest people in the world. And as soon as I saw those images, I knew that nothing else would go on my walls (well, except my diplomas and a 2010 calendar, other than that, it's all t.ruffles).

Enjoy all the plans and the unpacking. I almost think drawing out the unpacking could be a good thing: every day you get to discover something in a box and I'm sure things bring back good memories.

Mamma said...

Wait! A new haircut? And I just caught up with your last fashion trend.


krista said...

i am so completely in love with san francisco. always have been. even before i ever spent time there. after spending time there? done. i will most definitely end up there one day.