24 November 2009

with apologies to katie...

...who wrote in yesterday's comments i don't trust red. it's like red's trying to hide something behind its vibrancy.

and also to mrs. darling, who threw down a bold correlation between those who wear shades of burgundy and those who smell cringishly reeky.

i trust your taste, ladies. i do. but, still, i gasped when i saw this...

now. how do you feel about grand-scale nudies over the mantle?

please pardon this post. i fear i am, as all the cool post office kids say, mailing it in. i have a few paying and looming deadlines that are causing me panic. and then! did you hear about thanksgiving? apparently, it's a big deal here in the states. i will try to be back later. and to katie and mrs. darling...your words yesterday made me giggle. find katie here while i try to persuade mrs. darling to start a blog. she gives good comment. foyer photo via morning's light, for sure one of the more stunning blogs i've read in some time. both photos originally from 1st-option.


Natalie said...

I love red. I adore red. I especially covet THAT red above. I look forward to Christmas time so I can put out even more RED. Katie would hate, hate, hate my place; but I'm hiding nothing, promise.

I am typing in a wine/burgundy colored top, but I assure you I do not smell gross; I smell like vanilla pear, in fact. ;)

Brandi said...

I'm going to agree with katie about red. I like how dramatic it can be but it's too much for me. As for the nudes above the mantle, I never understood why people wanted art of naked people they didn't know. Wouldn't it be awkward? You're sitting, having some tea, reading a good magazine...you look up and Boom! naked people you don't know staring at you. Sounds like a scary dream to me.

sunny said...

I think we have a mutual admiration thing happening as I adore your blog! And you chose one of my favorite photos ever in that top photo. That red!

Anonymous said...

Natalie i would not hate your place; rather i'd just have to be heavily medicated. red connotes a confidence i lack. i see a red front door, and suddenly i'm very aware of my small breasts. tis my issue.
genius karey, you could never mail anything in. love! love! love!
xo, katie

Me said...


Are you on the payroll? I just started my blog about a week ago and I SO needed your positive feedback. I am a big fan of your blog--is that how you found me?

Anyway, big thanks.


mrs. darling said...

ack! imagine my surprise when i pull you up this afternoon and find myself referenced! and of course it would be a toot reference, i would expect nothing less from myself.

i love the nudies, they made me snicker. and the red staircase in contrast to the stark white room? my heart palpitated a bit.

you can find me here... www.chaddypants.blogspot.com
I really should work on my profile and make that information known.

good luck on the deadlines. and i guess thanksgiving is a big deal to some, although i might have said today the only reason i was showing up at my aunt's house on thursday was for the fudge.

Relyn said...

I love red. That whole house? Oh, please, please let me move in!

Anonymous said...

i'm off in the morning for kansas and just wanted to drop by and say "happy happy thanksgiving"!!! have a super fun day with your lovely family!

Mrs.French said...

oh that spot of red up against the white and the nudies too...love it all...happy thanksgiving my dear friend...love up that sweet family of yours...xo t
p.s. oh and don't go away again for too long...just saying.