23 November 2009


have i ever told you my least favorite color? i describe it as blaupe to the girlies three.

blah plus taupe. it honestly takes one day off my life.

which is why i'm shocked that i saw these surreptitious photos over the weekend of this house on some site i'd not visited before...and despite the overwhelming blaupe of it all...i find myself inspired. shockingly inspired.

i'm such a sucker for book sculptures and text on a ceiling. paper and words overcome all things blaupe.

and when i was explaining this to my girlies three, lill interrupted my tirade and asked but what about your favorite tee shirt?

ahhh. my favorite tee shirt. my fifteen-year old j.crew silky tissue jersey tee. see-through like i bathed it in windex. the best friend of my collarbones, shoulders, and - avert your eyes, boys - bigfatboobies.

that. shirt. is. not. blaupe. i replied patiently, with a definite say one more word about my baby tee, kid, and i'll leave it to grae when i die tone.

it is nude.

do you have a blaupe? a color that nearly ends you when you see it? say yes so i don't feel as loony. photos courtesy of colour me happy, a decidedly not-blaupe blog. i will probably have to come back later today and replace this post with something less blaupe, but i have a few deadlines to meet. and sgm? there's one line in here just for you. also. can you please concentrate on all things mtv? like, the hills and the city. i find i prefer watching realities via you...scented glossy magazines. thank you in advance. and xoxo.


Kay* said...

I don't care what you say - the way your write/speak IS like poetry to me!

for me i just can't do blue paint...occasionally, i'll see a photo that makes me think wow! but i could never decorate with the colour in my own place.

Brandi said...

I definitely have a least favorite color. Let's call it ewwwwwww-yellow-green-what-were-they-thinking. There are some really awfully boring colors out there. I do like the book installations though and the words written on the wall. Knowing me though, I'd love to do something like that but I'd agonize for months over what to write.

mrs. darling said...

ewww, i am a big non-fan of the mauve color group. and burgundy. something about those colors just rubs me the wrong way. write now i am cringing as i write this, as though i am smelling a stinky smell. whatever the smell is, i bet someone wearing burgundy produced it.

Anonymous said...

red. it makes me so sad. like it's trying to hide something behind it's vibrancy. i don't trust red.

Mamma said...

Oh god I need to disinvite you to my house. I just painted many walls in blaupe. At least, I'm convinced you're going to think it's blaupe.

The kitchen is kelly green though, so that should make up for it.

Oh crap. I need to find one of those 24-hr interior decorators. I have a lot of work to do...

karey m. said...

amie. the bad news is that you just stole one day off my life. good news? kelly green adds two days.

my rules.

your answers are KILLING me! who knew red had something to hide? like people who wear burgundy.

cracking up...xoxo!

The Lil Bee said...

Love that chandelier. Had to say it before it escaped my brain.

My blaupe is that baby blue color that always occupies little boys' rooms. Usually the sheets have trucks on them in these rooms. Seriously makes me blech out loud!

BTW, good luck getting SGM to concentrate on The Hills/City. I've asked and she said something about her brain going to mush with those shows! Hopefully you can get her to cave though. Now that I think of it, it might've been in reference to Rock Of Love with Bret Michaels, so, yeah, I could see her point.

krista said...

okay, i'll admit it. i love beige. i do. and grey. and other such blaupe colors. don't worry, though, my man hates it so our house is not blaupe. not by any means.
and i'm hoping the fact that i actually make book sculptures cancels that out.

Simply Mel said...

mauve because when I see it, I just think of old, dusty, dirty moth-balled filled closets.

Slices of Beauty... said...

Beige too.
Lovely blog you have!

Stash said...

this tickled me, thanks
i'm a fan of blaupe too
my house has a lot of it
makes a brilliant canvas
for cool junk
i love the tee description
wardrobe wise
i'm the black-denim-gray girl
with the occasional shock
of green to match my eyes =)

Krissy said...

i have to say, that bedroom photo made me squeal with happiness! i love it :)

Carolyn said...

Oui... je deteste beige. Taupe. Anything in that arena.

Callie Grayson said...

mauve, bluuc. just reminds me of that horrible flesh coloured crayon when we were young but with a hint of pink, yuck!
why would anyone name a crayon flesh! that is just gross!


SGM said...

Blaupe! That's some straight-up onomatopoeia for you. I love your made-up words.

I must give a heavy sigh and an "I'm sorry but..." to your request. It is only b/c I care about you so deeply that I am sending you to my competitor,


It's a little more, um, intellectual than my blog but it's funny. Check him out and then come straight back to me. xo

Melissa de la Fuente said...

Oh, yes I definitely have a "blaupe"....don't feel like a loony! Mine is hunter green....yuck. No offense to those that like Hunter green though!
( I loathe it even more if it is paired with maroon) :)

Richie Designs said...

well I can say that I look like it ends me but I just love the nude.

I always admire the blondes who can wear it, me I look like a zipper is about to curl over my head with matching toe tag.

a color that ends me. you know a baby poop yellow makes me get a little chill. there is a fellow with a car that lives in my area. it has sparkles on it and everything. still... baby poop yellow. bleeek.

Natalie said...

Black. I told my son he could pick out a bed, and he chose one with a black frame and I said no way. It's only because I went through a black phase and then I discovered color and I just can't go back. You won't ever find me with a black couch or black bed, though I do adore black appliances, but would prefer RED. Or yellow. Or even the right shade of green.

That said, I can appreciate blaupe when paired with something exciting and fun!

Relyn said...

mauve. Yup. Mauve and all those other dusty, faded, icky colors that reigned side by side with Queen Mauve for that thankfully brief period of painted ducks and fake straw hats. Double YUCK!

Relyn said...

Oh, yeah. I just read the comments. Baby poop yellow and that same shade of icky green - like a baby who just ate too many smushed peas.

Excuse me - I'm gagging now.

And, oh how I love those images.

Mrs.French said...

i don't have one...for the first time in awhile i don't have one. as long as it is up against lots and lots of white, with a dash of wood. xo t
p.s. watching the very same quality television this evening...

Jane Flanagan said...

I'm not crazy for purples (except in nature - I like flowers that colour) and I tend to recoil from orange at a very gut level.