23 October 2009

friday inspiration...

lillie and grae are in this program called girls on the run. which has absolutely nothing to do with training them to be good little flight risks.

in december, we're all running a 5k together. lillie and i are not-so-secretly plotting to stomp the pulp out of grae and uncle sugar's time. not-so-secretly only because we are not-so-good at keeping secrets of any sort. plus also because it will never happen. those two are hella fast. killer competitive. and quite taunty, if you must know. that makes me and lill quite pouty. which has an effect on our speed. which would never be described as hella fast.

at least twice a week, but usually more, we run a few miles together. for me and lill, this time together never begins well. the first few minutes are full of fake asthma attacks and chest pains. she then progresses to name-calling. and at right about the halfway mark, she full-on hates me.

as soon as we turn around and head back home, though, her mood totally changes. she's usually sobbing at that point. which continues until her runner's high finally kicks in...when we catch sight of our front door.

it's not pleasant. but, really, that shiny sparkly grin she offers at the end makes me forget the entire drama. it doesn't make my fists unclench or unlock my jaw, but it's awfully lovely nonetheless.

yesterday before their girls on the run meeting, i heard them in the kitchen. girls on the run tonight! i knew they were smiling and shaking their bums. their standard i'm so geeked up dance.

and then they stopped.

i love girls on the run, grae muttered. except for the running part.

next time, i will sign them up for girls on the chaise.

i'm not normally a big fan of hilary swank. but this photo of her is on my inspiration board. and there it will stay until there's a kickass photo of me running on the beach in my bikini. as for the other photo? it's also on my inspiration board. and hers.


Kelly said...

seriously the MOST graceful running photo ever. and oh so powerful at the same time. the only time i run is is i'm being chased and then, oh my, it's not pretty at all!


Melissa de la Fuente said...

hee hee ha ha ho ho! The line " the first few minutes are full of fake asthma attacks and chest pains" made me snort out loud and rings SO true! Except that is just me all by myself running, thinking I might die any second! Love this hun and that picture of HS is incredible! Wow.....

ZDub said...

I can just see it! I WALKED a 5K a month ago and almost DIED.

Good luck, momma!

Mamma said...

Wait! There is a good feeling that follows the sobbing stage?

Simply Mel said...

Oh you haven't heard? I'm the star coach for 'girls on the chaise'! Can't wait to see them there!

Bon weekend to you and your booty shaking girlies!

Krissy said...

good for your girlies! i'm a member of "girls on the chaise" :)

Natalie said...

Good luck with the 5k. I jog three miles, five days a week for exercise, but somehow actually committing to something official is too much.

As for the photo: I could NEVER look that good running. #1 reason? I can't do the splits and she is doing the splits as far as I'm concerned. :) Other than that, it's awesome. I'm just jealous.

Apt. #34 said...

Love girls on the run - the coolest program. Good for you for participating. Running or anything athletic activity can make such a huge difference in a young girl's life.Thanks for your sweet comments on Apt#34!

Kellie Collis said...

Geez i wish i looked like that when i run! x

Robin said...

"i love girls on the run, grae muttered. except for the running part."

Grae, I am totally with you!

ps-I painted...go to my blog and see :)


Mrs.French said...

I can just picture the "geeked up" dance and it made my morning...seems as if we have the same attitude towards running...oh and that photograph of hilary looks just like me...a double take for sure! hehe! xo t

Candi said...

I wish I enjoyed running. Hopefully one day I will!!!

Thank you very much for posting my interview on Kirtsy, I really appreciate it. :)

Oh and your daughters are welcome to borrow the puppy whenever their little hearts desire. He's adorable, but the biggest brat around! ;)

Candi said...

And one more thing....I love that you used the word HELLA in this post. =)

Are you originally from Northern California?

karey m. said...

nope. just a girl with bad mtv grammar. xoxo.

Shannon said...

I to have always been on the fence about my like/dislike of one Hil Swank...but this photo is amazing.

As for running, I have to count mailboxes as I run, I then fall over from a burning chest as I past the number 4. I am contemplating taking a class on how to run hosted at Fleet Feet in Annapolis this spring. It sounds ridiculous, but there has to be a method I am not getting.