26 October 2009


i find this tale...fascinating.


anyway. stories. grae's instructed me to come up with a few for this afternoon. the girlies three love my stories. can't go to sleep without them, in fact. and, now? a few of the little lovelies in girls on the run can't run laps without them.

last week, i told a few of my best as we ran. like the one about a three-year old lillie asking in a very hushed church in a very non-hushed yelly question voice if the little boy in the next pew was an ass. over and over again. no matter how hard i covered her mouth. and no matter how many times i hisspered that jesus was going to come down off of that cross and get her if she didn't stop it.

{i. know.}

i panicked. i mean, the little guy was wearing one of those helmets to reshape his head, for god's sake. lillie was making his grandmother cry. and also? he was, like, two. surely he wasn't an ass yet?

so the story ends with me dragging lill from mass. shooting the family an apologetic smile which i was hoping conveyed the message don't worry. you'll never see her again. and i'm sure she's wrong. he's not an ass. at all. probably.

it was then i spied the superman s sticker on his helmet. an ess! not an ass!

and we all lived happily ever after. as soon as i explained to lill that jesus wouldn't jump down off the cross and get her. unless she talked in church. the end.

well. our little running buddy had her own story to tell in response to mine. it involved the words sweet jesus and angels among us and christianly plus even a rabid dog and a lightning strike.


grae asked me not to swear or talk about jesus today. i will work on this.

shel silverstein and a shot from edward gorey's house. both found here, i think. if i'm wrong, it won't be a wasted trip. the site is genius.


Natalie said...

HA! Is he an 'ess'? That reminds me of the time I was frustrated while looking for a parking spot and my boy (who was around three at the time) kept repeating "mommy's looking for a parking spot", except it wasn't parking spot he was actually saying. It was something to the effect of "Mommy's looking for an effing eff" if you get my drift. Of course, he was really trying to say it right, but the way it came out was the perfect compliment to my mood.

Sherry said...

Karey, you are a master of finding perfect photos for your wonderful blog. Also, thanks for leaving a comment on mine. I was beginning to think my Mother was the only one reading it. I'm still trying to get the hang of it all..but I do love it. Thanks for inspiring me. I'm a huge fan!

Kelly and Kelly said...

maybe some of your story telling skills are being passed down to your girlies....

love your stories

Robin said...

Thanks for your comment! And YES! I would love to come live in makin-fairytale-princess-land and I will be a good girl most of the time but I promise to also share in uncontrollable giggle fits at inopportune times - because without those, what's the point really?

Krissy said...

haha! your stories are simply. the. best!
Battle in the sky is one of my favorite, a close second is the furniture bash :)

ZDub said...

This is simply divine.

And makes me look like a great mother because as far as I know, I've never threatened anyone with Jesus!

mimi charmante said...

completely hysterical - and one of those moments that make parenting such a high paying job. oh wait. never mind...

Callie Grayson said...

Love your stories, they have me in giggle fits until tears run down my face!! and my belly hurts!!!
ess! lol


Melissa de la Fuente said...

Oh god! That is the most hilarious thing! I love that story.....and I am surprised that Edward Gorey's window is filled with lovely bottles, I guess I shouldn't be...but, I am ! Thank you for this hun!