22 October 2009

painting with mabel today...

what's your favorite name, mémé?

she looked at me like my question was a joke. not a joke like are you kidding me, lady? you don't know what name i like to be called? if i remember correctly, we've been hanging out daily for, like, the past four years? i'm the one whose spittle ruined an entire season of black clothes? humemba? but more of a joke like ok. i'll play.

uhhh? she answered, her teeny eyebrows nearly reaching her teeny bangs. hoobie boobies?

i don't know what freaked me out more. the fact that she was clearly messing with me, the fact that she has adopted a full-on valley girl accent for nearly one maddening week and everything she says is in the form of an unintelligent fragmented question, or the fact that she enjoys any variation of the word boobies over any variation of any other word.

no no no. what do you like to be called these days? esmé? esmé dahlia? mémé? mémé dahlia? dahlia? maisie-daisy? mookie blaylock? all names she's been called over her short four. that i can publish here, that is.

mabel. without hesitation. which surprised the heck out of me, because i used to sing her a song every once in a while that had only one line: mabel mabel mabel! on the table table table!

she. hated. it. which surprised the heck out of me, because i. loved. it.

but you hate that name! i said.

but you love it. she answered.

so. mabel and i are going to paint today. even though i hate the very thought of the mess we'll make. {and hate more that my maid won't clean it all up for me and hate even more that i no longer have one of those things called a maid.}. because she loves it.

found this artist called liz aldag on stash studios. do you visit there a lot? you really should. i secretly covet one of her bags.


melissa loves said...

I adore her and we have never met.....I fancy that she and my "chooch" will get along famously OR wreck the joint! :) Mabel & Chooch, Mabel & Chooch!

Jill said...

Boobies? That's one of my girlies favorites.

Right up there with ... bum... tushie ... front tushie ... and dare I say ... boogies.

kathleen said...

i can't say enough how much i miss you and the girls!

but mabel? seriously?!

kathleen said...
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Stash said...

I dearly love this story and although mine just turned nine, I can soooo relate. The nuances you relate her are fantastic. Enjoy it, fleeting as it is.

And BTW, thanks so much for the mention. Really cool of you. Working hard on a few new bags. Hoping to reveal early November.

Take good care,

A-M said...

I remember those precious days at home.... before they were old enough for school. I remember waking up and having a delicious feeling about the fact that we had no plans and the day could just take us anywhere.... the park, cooking, painting, reading. Enjoy, enjoy and cherish! A-M xx

CMN said...

Pssst... My grandmother's middle name was/is Mabel. I've always thought it so old-fashioned that it's simply darling. Of course, there's also the Pirates of Penzance connection too...

Simply Mel said...

As a child, we had a neighbor named Mabel. Old, weathered, and cruel to the birds...I've never forgotten Mabel and her 'schoo bird broom ways'.

Now, I have a better image of a cute blue-handed Mabel and this is what I will keep.

Heather said...

what a wonderful story

peege said...

Mabel is fab, boobies are great too, but it's Bosoms that just leave my three in hysterics

Mrs.French said...

is it strange that everytime and I do mean everytime I read or hear the word "boobies" I giggle...I am in my mid-thirties and I can't help myself! oh and "mable" is perfectly nice too...just not quite as giggle-worthy!...I just love the heck out of you! xo t

la la Lovely said...

I just started reading your blog right before you left and today I learned, from Miss Brown Button, that you are back. I love, well really more so adore, your blog and writing. I should be sleeping as I am sick but I can't stop reading! My E is also in a boobie faze, hers is more of the type of professional shrit stuffing. But what can I say it always does provide a much needed giggle.

x Trina
la la Lovely

Joslyn said...

love this:

but you hate that name! i said.

but you love it. she answered.

And i love that you too dread cleaning up the painting mess before you've even started. That is so my MO.