13 December 2012

five things in the past five minutes...

1. i thought to myself, chin heavy in hand, "huh. i could paint that." (dumb.)

2. i thought to myself with much more optimism, "maybe this would be easier." (still dumb.)

3. i have been searching for art for our bedroom. this is so hyper-aggro that i think it would make me laugh every time i saw it. plus, mother trucker was pat's first public swear when he was eight or so. he has better ones now. (this is a fantastic idea.)

4. tacked this to my gimme bar, but only because i have and i don't need to anymore. for a while, at least. (phrew.)

5. thought about how everyone always says that the girls get their writing talent from me. and then re-read what pat wrote for lillie's how not to be a teen mom project. in part...

lillie: what was the scariest part about being a new parent?

pat: i didn't find any part of it scary. i was 28 years old when we had you, we had a nice home and good jobs, and had already been married for seven years. we thought we were ready for a you.

lillie: was your sleep affected?

pat: i usually did the the last and first feeding, and mommy would take care of you throughout the night. i didn't really feel like my sleep was affected, but i am used to having a chaotic schedule. 

lillie: what was the most difficult? 

pat: the most difficult thing was not always knowing what you needed or wanted and just trying to stop the crying and make you happy again. that is still the most challenging thing...

lillie: would it have been harder if you had been a single parent with an infant? 

pat: i could not imagine raising you as a single parent. it was difficult enough between the two of us. 

lillie: what makes it all worth it in the long run? 

pat: to see you now as a bright, happy, confident young woman. 

lillie: what are your best memories of me at an infant age? 

pat: when you first came out and pooped on your mom, and any and every time i see you smile and happy. you were a good baby, lillie. you're going to be a great woman.

i guess i like his economy of words. i like how he states things with a quiet confidence. makes anything he says feel like a fact. 

i also like how he knows that it's important to be affectionate with them no matter how old they get. he makes sure their hugs are not more than a day apart and he can still carry them up to bed. no matter how much it hurts, he pretends it does not. because anything else would hurt way more.


Simply Mel {Reverie} said...

made my night even sweeter to have this as my grand finale reading on 12/13 ... i will wipe away the stream of tears that flowed as i read the dynamic duo's {p+k) economy of words. those girlies have no choice but to turn out amazingly wonderful women, it's in their genes.

Rebecca Bodily said...

Oh my gosh--because anything else would hurt way more. Your gift for words is breathtaking.

Anonymous said...


you were a good baby, lillie. you're going to be a great woman.

big, fat, wet tears. so sweet. are there any better words than that for anyone to hear.

melissa loves said...

gah. gutted. The two of you. Raising amazing girls who will be amazing women. You all are so very lucky to have one another. And all that abundance of love.

melissa loves said...

oh, and please, please PLEASE get the mother trucker print. that is all. thank you.
:) xoxo

nelya said...

Sheesh, I haven't been here in way too long and here you are, still awesome as always. Those last two paragraphs slayed me. "Economy of words," something so perfect about that. And the very last sentence...straight to the heart. Yeah, I get it.

Hope all is well and hope this new year is beautiful for you and yours. You are truly one-of-kind, Karey.