25 August 2011

still shaken, still stirred...

the girlies three haven't let me out of their sight since our little earthquake. this is so strange; they're normally so resistant.

i have to be honest. i'm a bit disappointed in them.

doesn't that sound awful?! i know. i feel like the worst mother right now.

it's just...

these are girls who tried to sneak up behind our armed guards every morning before school and every afternoon when they came home. always an edgy prank when they pulled it in the pitch black of night. these are girls who walk into new schools leaning forward. they translate different as beautiful. they are ready for everything.

they love change. they were built for adventure. they are naughty and thuggish and irreverent and hella polite and comfortable in their own skin and braver on a daily basis than most adults i've met.

and now they are scared of the earth rumbling again.

i don't understand it. i don't. so all i can do is let them follow me around, i guess, and hope this memory fades.

the good news is that my sister-in-law told them there are lots of earthquakes happening where we're set to move next summer. so that's awesome.

to distract their horror, i told them about the active volcano.

in my attempt to try to figure out how to end this post, the only thing i figured out is that this is probably only the beginning. ugh. have a sweet day, you little sweethearts. if you need me, i'll be with my lillie, my grae, and this little wildebeest that's magnetized to my side. this tattoo reminds me of why i scrawled patrick's name on the top of my foot in the first place. thy word is a lamp unto my feet and a light unto my path. kind of the same meaning. kind of.


blu said...

something about that uneasy feeling of not having a clue as to when the earth is going to rumble again...i've lived in so cal my entire life and every time the earth decides to shift and remind me how small i am, it scares me every time. even more so when you experience the earthquakes with your littles. take time with your girls, it takes a little time to trust the earth again.

Anonymous said...

i've had those quakes my entire life here in socal...35 years and i'm still not used to them. i hope i never get used to them. i like being on my toes: a) i look taller and b) hopefully i won't take solid ground for granted.
kisses to all!

Anonymous said...

You should have an emergency pack prepared and sit down with your girls and explain what to do in case of one. Just make them feel how prepared you are for the possibility. :D

Erin Oltmanns said...

Maybe the girls are wee shaky as a result of your car accident? Sometimes things mess up our "oh, what's the worst that could happen" mojo. I bet it passes. :)

karey m. said...

blu and katie. brilliant thoughts. puts it in better perspective for me. and katie? lillie - who never grows! - will love the taller element! xo

alix-e. that is smart. that is very smart. i'm doing it.

erin! yes! esme keeps asking "does everyone only get one earthquake?" bc i told her everyone only gets on car accident.

xo everyone!

mrs. darling said...

the earth is one of the constants in our life. an immovable force. like the sun and move. i've never been in an earthquake but i imagine it would rattle me to the core...have something so reliable and strong tremble beneath my feet.

your words are like a sweet balm to this tired girl's mind. have a lovely weekend!

la la Lovely said...

Ughh.. I typed out a whole comment that got lost. I just love this description of your girls. I think they will be back to their prankster self in no time. It's funny what scares us and what doesn't. Hope you are well. Oh, and that tattoo is pretty great!

melissa loves said...

Oh good lord.....this happens EVERY time I come over here. Such a tumble of thoughts and emotions start percolating in me, that I don't know WHERE to begin. I love your words so & your stores and that you have a light for your path and the way you describe your girls. They are going to make big waves in this world. Big beautiful waves, I just know. I am sorry they are scared but, everyone has to be a little bit scared sometimes, right? Isn't that what separates us from the automatons? ;)