03 August 2011

my weekly wrist{ish}...

this little piggy reminds me to run my miles...

i prefer the little piggy who encourages me to eat jelly beans.

also, i've been raving about gel manicures for a while now. they are usually genius and last forever, unless you're in the pool every day. this past mani lasted about a week and a half before the polish started peeling off.

however, as is my motto for pretty much everything, when things go to hell in a hand-basket...just add shimmer.

i think maya angelou said that.


Loui♥ said...

I too rave about my gel nails..
I prefer the natural look of clear..
or the whitish pink used for the Pink and Whites French..
mine last around 3 weeks before I go for a fill-in..
it is my ONE main indulgence..the second.., is GOODWILL!!
okay.. 'nuff said..
love your blog!!!

Carlyree said...

Love your ring, nails, & shimmer philosophy. Oh also, You have such pretty little arms! Maybe I ought to up my miles?

Richie Designs said...

You + Maya I knew I liked you for a reason

melissa loves said...

sheesh...I adore you! You cutie! I love that you have a little piggie & it reminds you to run! ( I like the one that reminds me to eat jelly beans better, too) You have such gorgeous hands and legs darlin! And that glitter is da bomb ( is the one nail sans glitter? I like that too) So wanna get a pedicure....maybe tomorrow. Oh, that Maya....:)