05 May 2011


i was smack in the middle of a thinking of you mail to one of my oldest and dearest when all my random panics came pouring out.

remind me what we were like then. i know we were naughty, but were we mean? were we ever lonely? were we as giggly as the memories i've kept? do you think our moms waited for us after school with bitten bottom lips? stayed up all night with worried wishes? tell me how this turns out again.

within minutes, there was my reassurance. or, as it's been for as long as i can remember, a shared understanding.

and i wrote back i miss us together. because i do. terribly.

i was telling someone about our summer 2012 plans, and they gasped and asked aren't you scared to live so far away? won't you all miss your friends?

remember me telling you about my favorite toni morrison quote? not found in any of her books, but rather on a dedication page. {i know. shameful, isn't it?}

it is sheer good fortune to miss someone long before they ever leave you.

it's how i've always felt, a lifetime before i even found those words. i think it's the perfect definition of friendship, don't you?

xoxo to you and all your friends. tennis girlies like me and beth found here.


Simply Mel {Reverie} said...

yes, yes, yes ~ good fortune indeed.

now...are you going to share 2012 plans with us? my wanderlust soul needs to live vicariously through you.

Ana Degenaar said...

I enjoy your posts so much I have made it my mission to read each and every post, one by one until I get to the very end. If you see like a million hits from Brazil, it's me, don't think it's creepy, although it kind of is. I just enjoy your writing very much.
I miss my sisters terribly.

Beth Janairo said...

awww. we were mean and lonely and nice and giggly and foul-mouthed and lost and found. and we lay down the grass just over the hardly-a-knoll to make ms. miller think we were running a mile or more. just laid there giggling with 12 other tennis girlies. all. lying in the grass.

my mom knew your mom and dad and just assumed you were such a good girl. like chrissy. hee hee.

kar i'm so glad that you and pat decided to move all the way to milwaukee for the summer. won't it be fun?

o, wait.... {sigh} you're probably headed to nepal.

i miss how powerful we were.
but i love how powerful we are.

megan said...

love the magnificent toni morrison and love, love, love this post, karey. :)

Richie Designs said...

darn you - moving away again... somehow even though I've never been I take comfort that you're just a couple hrs away by plane.

now it will be double digits