04 May 2011

are you going to keep it...

when i found out i was pregnant with grae-rose, lillie was just about three months old and i was still about twenty pounds more of my usual me. it wasn't pretty. so i went to my hair salon to find pretty.

it all makes sense if you connect my dots with squiggly lines.

while i was there, i thought i'd try out my crazy news on my colorist.

i'm pregnant again. and then i started to giggle uncontrollably.

she looked...uhhh...like i'd just told her crazy news. and the first thing she said was are you going to keep it?

now. i can quote the princess bride and the usual suspects and pretty much every episode of pee wee's playhouse, so there shouldn't really be room in my petite brain for that one line from that person...but there is. it's stayed for over eleven years now.

it's most likely taking up the space where my decision-making skills should be.

anyway. a few days ago, i was kind of eavesdropping on a guy talking about his wife's bed-rest. apparently, she'd been under strict orders since she was eleven weeks along. she is now up to thirteen. it sounded...precarious.

so my friend - who you would totally enjoy, by the way, but who will say whatever she's thinking without really thinking - asked some questions and you could tell the guy really wanted to talk to someone who wouldn't get all light-headed and cover her ears and hum so she couldn't hear all the medical terms. like bed-rest. which is probably why he wasn't talking to me.

i could tell my friend wanted to make him feel better, but what came out was oh, don't worry about it. you can always try again.

ummm. but. they're still kind of trying with this one.

it reminds me of something i said to our very first friends who had a baby. i was trying to be all i'm with you! and i think i said {sigh. i know i said.} i'm sure it'll be like a puppy! hard to train but super fun once it gets the hang of it.

i'm much better with words now.

pinterest is killing it today. i WISH i could quote all the lines from snatch. brad pitt is genius in it. this scene makes me and uncle sugar laugh so hard we have to plug our noses. well...i guess i'm the only one who does that. here and here.


Fern and Feather said...

yikes... I winced 3 times durning your post... we have all said/ done those things... when my best friend had her first baby {I was years away from babies} I gave her a "OH SHIT" button before she went in for her scheduled C-Section... I have had many winces about that... what was I thinking??

Anonymous said...

oh my goodness. "are you going to keep it" has me dying over here. love.

we've all done it. said things we regret.

Leslie *Fresh Out of Lemons* said...

Friends recently announced that they were expecting they're first baby. I just barely didn't blurt out in horror, "Good god! That means you can't drink for over nine months!"

karey m. said...

oh alexis! no wincing! also...for my weekly wrist, can you please send your chanel bracelets? thank you.

kelly...i still think of those words sometimes when i look at grae! isn't that WEIRD!



c.bean said...

which is worse... the words you said, and regret saying or the words you didn't say, and wish you would have.

I guess it depends, doesn't it...

maybe the trick is to be like mickey in snatch, then no one would understand anything we were saying... no regrets!

becca b said...

Protection from what? "Zee Germans"? aaahahaha. I'm glad no one's in my classroom because I'm now laughing outloud thinking of all the great quotes from that movie. I'm so glad someone else likes that movie--it's hilarious in sooo many ways.

also, about foot-in-mouth, my husband says it's because i'm from the east that i don't have any tact. maybe it'll happen some day...i don't really mind it, though.

Simply Mel {Reverie} said...

when my friend who is a mother of a very spirited child {i'm talking horns may grow out of his head any day now kid} said she really wanted to have another, I blurted out, "good god are you a glutton for punishment?" ~ hmmm, yeah. not one of my finer moments.

design elements said...

i love these words! agree ..perfect for friendship!