25 May 2011


i never really understand how desperately i need uncle sugar until he's far away and more than a little out of range.

his responses to all my worries - and you know i have a few. ugh. - are usually enders.

after i agonize for five or ten about what may appear on the surface to be super-nonsense but really really matters when you erase all that really really really matters in the world, he replies accordingly.

which usually sounds like that's dumb. or she's dumb. or i don't want my babies anywhere near dumb.

i know what you're thinking. "karey. that's not-so-great a reply. a four-year old can do better than that."

well. to this i say...try it.

the next time someone's trying to make you feel small or trying to seem like they're way bigger than you, look at them. shake your head as though you're trying to clear them from your memory, and say to them, "you're. dumb." dripping with dismissal.

and then walk away. or stay. whatever. it won't matter because they. no. longer. matter.

wait. whoa. i just remembered a very very important part: DO NOT SAY THIS OUT LOUD! that would be a very very bad thing. and you would not feel good about yourself. and what if you all of a sudden found yourself smack in the middle of a four-year old kind of an argument? like, no...you're dumb. you are! no, you are!

you must keep this thought in your head where such thoughts belong. for example, i keep mine in between "those pants are giving you an unfortunate wedgie, madame." and that old chestnut "your kid is a mute dolt."

ugh. do you even know what pat might say about this post? i do, too. and he would be right.

i'd much rather he were here.

i love the vast dirty land that is tumblr. found images here and here.


Leslie *Fresh Out of Lemons* said...

I don't know, I think there are occasions and people for which you should say that out loud. :)

And, when I'm trying to think rationally, the voice that I usually hear in my head is my husband's rather than my own. I don't like for him to get too far from me either.

Ana Degenaar said...

I like Uncle Sugar's view, I don't want my baby near Dumb either. I don't want Dumb in my life I often let them linger and fill my head with nonsense, next time, I'll shake my head and say "you're dumb" and that will probably be out loud.
Hope Uncle Sugar comes back soon.
xx and an extra one x.

Alix H. said...

Pat will DEFINITELY not be impressed with what I like to day these days (not out loud--not when someone can hear that is) but it is another d-thing....d$@%$@ bag...because after I say it a couple of times it makes me laugh.

Jamie said...

Today is Wednesday...where is your pretty wrist? xo

Emily said...

Karey--I read your post today and thought of this video... http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=civOdWxd4Kc. Now whenever I'm telling someone they're really, really dumb in my head, that's what it sounds like!

melissa loves said...

I know what you mean, exactly. I always much rather Joel was here, right by my side. Cause he is my anchor and whenever I am feeling like a schmo, like today, he can always make me feel better. Feel hopeful and like I am the greatest. sigh. I hope Pat is right there very soon. Cause him being away? Well, that's just dumb. ;)
ps and you are right, there isn't anything any better to say,I love it.

Sage Crown Parker said...

wishing i had read this before i got out of bed today....it would have helped me through about 6 different encounters this morning. i'm having one of those days, i will try your trick and hope i can keep my mouth shut (most of the time i say what i shouldn't.)

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