25 March 2011

my morning...

i had nightmares all night. terrible ones.

there's this house in my neighborhood. i don't know its story for sure, but i think it involves an owner who could no longer afford the payments and a bank that stepped in and a someday foreclosure, but for now? it's in some sort of limbo. and now? there are now a few too many young men living there.

i haven't met them yet, but they sure are popular. they have loads of what i like to call ten-minute friends. the kind that drive up, stand at your door, and text you that they're out front so that you'll let them in. and then {and here's where i got the name!} they stay for ten minutes.

i don't know what to do, honestly. i've called our homeowner's association, who gets heaps and piles of monies from us every month to make sure our lawn looks lush and our brick looks brick-ish but apparently does nothing about ten-minute friends. i've called the non-emergency number for the police, but that's proven ineffective, too.

i miss the middle east. i know how those laws work. {well. very. very. well.}

so anyway. last night, i was swearing all through my dreams. and i guess i woke up with some leftovers. lill asked me to play chess with her before school and i said i couldn't. but then i did because i always say yes. but i didn't smile until she checkmated me. and then i wouldn't help grae find her justin bieber bracelet. because she shouldn't have one. but her friend made it for her and so ugh. and WHY are all the coats hung on the stairpost?! we have a closet for a reason! i'm hanging up one of grae's north faces because she wants to wear her other north face and why are young girls so obsessed with all things north face and all of a sudden her face is beaming.

lillie! she squealed. mom found my justin bieber bracelet!

yay! where?

she was hanging up my coat aggressively and it fell out!

and with that, i got a hug and a thank you for your angry mood, mom!

i'm spending the rest of my day losing it. the angry mood, that is. i've got three things to write and then i may get another gel mani. my last one survived for three weeks! there. i'm already happier. also...do you think i should bug the police with this business? or let other neighbors take the lead on it? what would you do? keep in mind that i'm kind of a karma worrier and a leave-other-people-alone kind of a girl. so many questions for you. sorry about that. i'll try to find some better stories this weekend, ok? ok, then. xoxo. and whoops! forgot the links to the pics! here and here.


Leslie *Fresh Out of Lemons* said...

I say call the police. Troublesome mice often lead to bigger rats.

Barchbo said...

I am the lead villager with a torch! I would have called the police (daily) three weeks ago and started collecting neighbor statements. Take photos/video documenting the traffic. That's just my personality - vigilante! :)

I admire people like you who have more restraint. My parents, sister, and now my husband are always telling me to "calm down" but I can't help it! GET 'EM KAREY! Channel your sense of outrage! I look forward to hearing the conclusion.

Barchbo said...

PS: I am sure you would be unsurprised to hear that my big mouth often gets me into hot water. So maybe whatever advice I dole out should be tempered with some restraint and common sense. I think my picture is often posted next to the phrase "half-cocked."

Anonymous said...

Shoes...what about the shoes? Yum

karey m. said...

leslie...police it may very well be...ugh. i hate drama.

and betsy? i looked up half-cocked and did not see your photo, but a lot of other equally interesting ones!

anon! thanks for reminding. i forgot to link! bad karey. bad. xxo!

Kristy said...

Your neighbour sounds like my neighbour. Right across the street from my house, in fact. Lots and lots of 10-minute friends and cars slowly driving by, reversing, then parking.

They had a "break-in" several months ago, and cop knocked on our door to ask if we'd seen anything. He was already suspicious because most burglaries don't happen between 2 & 7pm. I mentioned the 10-minute friends, somewhat casually, but I never heard anything after that.

Anyway, I'd suggest calling the police (again), too. It will put your mind at ease, at least a little.

Also - sorry about the nightmares. I had lots last night, too; the kind that make you wake up crying. I'm very tired today.

Richie Designs said...

yah call the police. Squatters are they called? have certain rights after a set amount of days - or I think I've heard something to that effect.

and that Crazy comment? saw it yesterday on Pinerest LOVE IT.

Katie Bee said...

I'd call the police, or figure out a way to completely terrify them out of living there without breaking any laws, and if the police aren't interested, then get a siren and turn it on. loud. at two in the morning (okay, maybe not).

Carlyree said...

I am somewhat relieved to tell you that I am having the same worry about a house across the street in a similar situation! And I am perplexed as to why nothing has been done in my neighborhood as well, as I have heaps&tons&LOADS of over-the-top beyond nosey, nosey neighbors. :( I keep waiting for them to take charge... I love how you've coined them 'ten-minute friends'. That's perfection. Anyway, I'll pray for your sitch if you pray for mine. Deal? Ok, it's settled. Thanks for sharing!


Apt. #34 said...

It's Friday afternoon so I hope you're smiling now gorgeous lady! bad dreams and 10-minute friends are the worst!!

Leslie *Fresh Out of Lemons* said...

As Deputy Fife would say, "You've got to nip it in the bud! Nip it in the bud!" ;)

Fern and Feather said...

i must be strange because the people across the street are the 10 minute kind too. although there are lots of girls. I can see them while I do dishes. 2 o'clock on a Tuesday a couple girls in very little material jump out of the car with a cig. As I have beans smeared on my shirt, doing dishes and there is little boy pulling at my leg I kind of treat it like entertainment. They seem harmless and I have gotten over the fact that they never wave back even when I am being a dork waving as I get my child in the wagon.

PS. I actually live in an okay neighborhood even though this sounds like there is a brothel across the street.

Simply Mel {Reverie} said...

First of all, Alexis makes me laugh ~ she is so damn cute {bean smeared shirt and all}

I'm a worrier, but I also am a devoted believer in kharma. Three years ago, I would have brushed it off and said let someone else deal with it, but now that I have my crumb, I am a fierce mama bear and 10-minute friends are not who I care to add to the play-date roster. One phone call might just help ease your mind...

raleigh-elizabeth {bunnyvictorious!} said...

i know i'm late to the game on this one. but i absolutely love it.

melissa loves said...

Gosh....that just plain ole sucks. I say, all bets are off when our kids are around. Ya know? I am with Mel, fierce mama bear that I am, I would do what you are doing and call, pester and find out if it is safe. Never can be too sure & sometimes I think these things are allowed to fester cause no one gets "involved" ya know? Of course you know, look who I'm talkin too. And I know the bad moods, and the monday moods. So, I gotcha covered, maybe you need to take a little spring break breaky, bring your girls down here to Jersey and have a mini vacay, for free! Wouldn't that be a blast? there is room & I am invitin. Get on it.