02 December 2010

what a crock...

my mother-in-law has gifted me approximately three crock pots in my lifetime. i cringe every time because i really don't like that word.

plus there's that whole cooking thing.

but yesterday i bought some sort of porkish blob at the market, and i wanted it to be spectacular. so i called uncle sugar at work and asked what to do with it. apparently, someone was in his office so he couldn't really run down the ingredients and processes i should use, so he suggested i look up a recipe.

no! i said disgustedly. i want it to be spectacular. something no one's made before.

that might be a good path to follow creatively, karey. he never calls me karey. but you really don't want to invent something new for. tonight's. dinner.

i didn't listen to him. trying to stifle my creativity, that one.

long story short, he fixed my soured grey porkish blob when he came home. turned it into something pretty genius. of course, we ended up eating at 9.30 pm, but the girlies three thought it was sort of an adventure. and they slept well with their full little bellies. and they didn't catch trichinosis.

if i could have a do-over, i might like to be better in the kitchen. i'm pretty much only good at pouring drinks.

i made chili a few weeks ago, and called uncle sugar straight-away to tell him i had cut four fingers - really bloody bad - in the process.

chopping onions? he asked.

no! does he know me? opening all the cans!

he told me never to tell that story in public. i didn't listen to him.

so i fell in love with the socialite spy. but all the photos i chose for this post originated on oh look...that's pretty. my newest fave crave. and guess who curates that sight? my greedy girl.


Richie Designs said...

I *heart* you

do you guys not have Trader Joes? They are the most brilliant of "almost done meals" and it looks like you know what you're doing.

you can pour me a drink anytime though!

CMN said...

I can't decide... do I love this story more, or the orange camera in photo #2, or the red shoes in #3? But the tale IS pretty awesome... of course, so is that camera... {sigh} Another fabulous combination obviously!

Third Avenue Style said...

Beautiful! Why is it that our husbands when in the company of others whilst on the phone have to pretend that they really don't have much to say to their wives, and when they do it is so formal?


Leslie said...

Never underestimate the importance of being able to pour a good drink. ;)

em said...

I love your stories.

This one makes me feel less ridiculous about being such a useless meal maker!

Simply Mel said...

A good bartender is always the life of the party ~ hold your head high!

mrs. darling said...

don't feel too bad on the cooking front...tonight i burned spaghetti. it's just pathetic, is what that is.

thank you for your sweet words! we are super excited and a little overwhelmed! i'm thinking if it's a girl we love wren and max for a boy. of course, these names change weekly. the hardest (for us) are girl names...any suggestions??

Champagne/StitchPoet/CrushParty said...

you are adorable...favorite post of the day!!!