20 December 2010

the weekend...

the weekend was a hit. an absolute hit.

we went to a party and i kept my booties on all night. joy! and my skirt was cah-yute. it was this one in white. yes, it adds volume to my bum, but i didn't care. i've loved taffeta ever since i was a poor little farm girl.

that's a long story, but my best friend back then was an awesome greek girl whose parents owned a bunch of restaurants. she taught me how to correctly pronounce gyros and the importance of taffeta.

i'm nervous about this week. i've a huge business-ish report due before christmas for one of my clients. capital letters make me so nervous. plus there are numbers involved. i'm so bad with numbers that when uncle sugar asked me for the party house's address this weekend, i honestly replied "one one nine and stuff."


also, there's the state of my fridge. when i mentioned the state of my fridge with an aggravated growl, lillie chimed in with a "yeah. it's like arkansas."

nothing against arkansas. she's just still bitter about the difference in pronunciation between it and kansas. she's been known to pronounce kansas like kan-saw.

lately, i can't seem to write a post without mentioning esmé. this one's no different. her favorite tree these days are forevah-greens. you may know them as evergreens. i think her name is best.

anyway. i think i won't be back until twenty eleven. i was going to write two thousand and stuff, but i'm not that bad with numbers.

yes i am.

if we don't chat, have a really happy week. or weeks. i'll see you around, ok? xoxo. button tights from here. they made me grin.


goodniteirene.wordpress.com said...

i'm here every day. i just don't say it. happy christmas miss karey. love to you, girlies, and sugar.
thank you for putting smiley stickers on my days.
kiss! kiss!

JAMIE said...

forevah-greens...oh my goodness. i love that girlie.

happy holidays karey m. xoxo

Shannon said...

Happy days your way! Enjoy your Christmas with the girlies and let Lillie know that the whole ar-kansas thing realy get me too!

Richie Designs said...

Have a super duper xmas. I hope Santa brings you everything you asked for.


Brandi said...

good luck with that report, karey! if you need any help with the numbers, just ask -- they're kinda my thing. unless i'm baking and then i'm all about approximations. weird, eh?

Mrs.French said...

hope you had a magical holiday...actually, that skirt could make any moment magical! xo t

Kristin said...

happy new year, Karey! loving this post -- like all the others. Be well. xo, Kristin