20 December 2010

one more thing before i go...

this site makes my eyes well up a bit.

beginning with the straightforward mermaid starts every sentence with "look." this comes from being raised in a sea full of hooks.

one time? i was almost fired before i quit because my boss HATED that i started every sentence with "look." i've forever thought him irrational and foolish until exactly right now. i am a mermaid. a straightforward mermaid.

and then there's this...

so that's what i'm to call it.

honestly, i don't know what it is. but from the beautiful mind of victoria hart is just tearing me up. and i'm only up to page eight of her three hundred and ninety two. do you have a blog that makes you feel this way? like, you must eat up every post or else? because every post was surely written for you and it just wouldn't be nice not to appreciate them by getting all weepy-gaspy here and there? share it, please? xoxo.


Annao said...

yes, i do. it's yours. xoxo

goodniteirene.wordpress.com said...

yes, you silly goose. yours?!??! {eyes rolling, exhaling my breath up into bangs i wish i had}.


karey m. said...

YOU TWO! NO! i mean new ones for me to read, too!

but i DO write all this nonsense for you, you poor things. i will try to do better and make you weepy-gaspy! lately, i've just felt so SILLY!


Richie Designs said...

duh. you cute girl

Simply Mel said...

nothing compares to you...

merry, happy, days of joyful noise!

Christy said...

it's you and http://samanthashorey.blogspot.com/

she's a girl my age and makes me ashamed i can't write words like that, but elated that someone my age can.

karey m. said...

whoa, christy. she's a writer!

ok, cool. will start reading her. THANK YOU!

karey m. said...

and mel and richie...you two are funny, but i wasn't fishing for a compliment! i just wanted to read some fresh stuff.

but thank you for the compliment. {see? i'm trying to be a lady.}


krista said...







as you might have guessed...i have no idea how to make these direct links. instead, i gift you with copy and paste.

((and merry season!))

karey m. said...

krista...that was a nice gift. i mean it. will read asap! can't wait bc i know they're good coming from you.


la la Lovely said...

You're blog...it certainly is the only one i want to read from start to finish. it's the only on that really makes me feel.
i bought my sister a painting entitled mermaid for christmas. you'd love it. my kids call her mermaid instead of aunt. so much better i think.
a very merry christmas to you and you're gorgeous family!
xo trina

caroline duke said...

i'm on board with everyone else here. yours, you ridiculous lady.

i hope you, your girlies three, and your mister have a wonderful holiday and new year.

Miss B. said...

I'm with everyone else, yours! You crazy, creative and utterly wonderful, kind and witty, oh yes beautiful you. Wishing you a Merry Christmas!


Miss B.

P.S. I wish I was going to Alt so I could give you a big hug and you could sit down and name all the future children I hope to have.

Mrs.French said...

ooooooooooooh! i have missed you! goodness, i rarely visit my very best blogging friends anymore...and i thought you were long gone, then i decided to check, then i realized you had been back for awhile and then i realized how much i missed you and your words. i will be popping in more often...it's like seeing an old friend and picking up exactly where we left off. xoxo t

Relyn said...

Well, of course, there's you. Also, Krista, but you knew her before I did. And there's Jaime. Do you know her? http://rhayne73.blogspot.com/ You'll love her.

the lil bee said...

Yep, yours.

Also, Abby Try Again.

And this tumblr called Cétait salemant romantique: http://salement.tumblr.com/

Anonymous said...

Of course it's yours Karey! I'm a far


Those Beats said...

Thanks for sharing her blog, and I am also completely infatuated with yours as well. Happy New Year!