15 December 2010


i'm a huge fan of tumblr. if i ever kill mackin ink, i'm going tumblr, for sure.

two sites over in those parts have been bringing me giant joy: bunny victorious and cayenne kisses.

i love bunny because she's smart, stylish, and she posts all. the. time. all day all night. i'm always complaining that there aren't enough blogs for me to eat up that are personal plus pretty, but hers so is.

also, she loves me. that's one of my favorite qualities in a person, and you should know the feeling is mutual.

as for cayenne kisses, i'm not sure whether she loves me or not. i will work on this. but i don't follow anyone, and i've given her one of my tabs so that gems like this pop up every morning.

anyway. i'm trying to remember to tell people exactly the compliments that i'm thinking in my head. good thoughts are so much better when they're shared. and still feeling woozy so this may be it for me this week. melissa of reverie blames the stressy boot debacle for my flu. i love her, too. oh! and the lil bee needs a name for her girlie. i suggested holiday. you should suggest some, too. oh! and i'm also thinking very nice things about you. yes, you. xoxo.


Raleigh-Elizabeth said...

blush blush blush

la la Lovely said...

Oh I hope you feel better right this instant.

HOLIDAY.. that is super cool and I hate to use super cool because Holiday is beyond that.

I'm finding out what I'm having in a couple of weeks. I'm kind of certain it's a girl but I guess I better wait for the professionals to chime in. I'll be counting on some suggestions from you.


A.Co said...

It's true, it's so rare to find a blog that you immediately love... and one where she posts often - and by often, I mean everyday - can't people get with the program?! ;)

Found you via the lil' bee, Holiday is such a sweet name, but why Daisy for short?

A.Co @ A.Co est. 1984

Anonymous said...

Hi Mackin ink!
this is just a little note to make it known to you that i am an AVID reader of your blog (for a long time... middle east experience indluded etc)... everyday when I can! And I want to THANK YOU for sharing everything that you do. there is a genuine love and sweetness, especially when you share re your lovely darling 3s.

I am sorry that I have never written - i have many reasons for this apology: I don't write as well as I think, I am very busy mother of 2 little darling ones, swiss-canadian miss living in switzerland... and French is my mothertongue so I do not excel in Shakespeare language.

Bref, I nevertheless enjoy you immensely and thought I needed to let you know as a little gift from me to you in this lovely season!

Merci encore et encore :)

Simply Mel said...

Oh karey, my heart stopped for a second or two ~ you have a flair for doing this to me on a daily basis.

Just wait, BIG HUGE hugs at alt.

susan said so said...

sweet karey, i have a technical question:

you've given her one of your tabs? do you mean...so, wait - do you have several browser tabs that open simultaneously, each with a different site? as a way to get your looking around done with ease? if so, AHHHH, what a brill idea!

and also? details are needed, please please, such as: how many tabs do you have? how do you ever choose what gets a tab? just that kind of stuff...enquiring minds want to know.

if that's not what you mean, can you please clarify, as i may be confused? AND, if that's not what you meant, isn't it a really great idea?! (but i bet that is it....)


p.s. NO SUCH THING as too much wildebeest.

karey m. said...

susan... that's exactly it! but i am a dinosaur and there's probably more sense in following a site instead...

but i like it to be more organic. trip over a site i've never seen before, you know?

this one, though, is too exciting not to be tabbed! eep!

MERRY MERRY! and xoxo.

Marcia said...

Oh karey, my heart stopped for a second or two ~ you have a flair for doing this to me on a daily basis. Just wait, BIG HUGE hugs at alt.